Now that you’re all grown up, Halloween parties take on a slightly different format.

No longer are you expected to play pretend for the night in ridiculous and somewhat uncomfortable costumes. You are now free to look your best and dance the night away as your favorite character of all time — YOU.

But just because you are no longer dressing up does not mean you can’t keep the Halloween theme alive with your hair. Here are a few curly hairstyles and tips that will help show you how to rock your curls on Halloween night without the ridiculous get-up.

Color Me Halloween

You can never go wrong with a splash of color or bright hair streaks, whether it’s from spray dye or glitter.

  1. Section the hair that you want to color and separate it from the rest of your hair using hair ties to get the look and ensure that your color is even.
  2. When satisfied with the sections, grab them one by one and color or glitter them. This method allows you to see what your result will be before hand and help you avoid lopsided or overdone hair. Remember you are going for streaks, not all over color.
  3. Traditional Halloween colors are green, orange and black. Beat others to the store for those colors first, and try alternating color with glitter for a truly unique and unforgettable look.

If you’re feeling really bold, you can try an asymmetrical look (à la Nicki Minaj”> and dye half your hair or one large section. The best thing is that, come the next day, you can wash your hair and be right back to your normal haired self.

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