We love finding the next new product as much as the next curly (maybe even more”> but sometimes we just like to fall back on the tried and true Holy Grails in the curly community. How do we know you love them? CurlMart can’t keep them on the shelves! That, and the hundreds of reviews that you have left. So here are your top 10 favorite curly products, according to your wallets, and why you like them.

Kinky-Curly Knot Today (562 reviews”>

CeCe Steppe (Type 3c”> says: I tried this again for the third time and I won’t be returning it. I really like the way it defines my curls as well as how it moisturizes my hair. 

Lov’nwaves (Type 2c”> says: I was afraid to try this product. Thought it would be too heavy for my fine hair. Decided to try it when I read it was glycerin-free. I love it. I use it as a leave-in from my ends up to midway. Does a great job detangling. Greatly appreciate the directions provided for both thick, coarse curls and loose wavy curls! Works well with styling products Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream and Jessicurl Spiralicious.

Zaklove (Type 4b”> says: A lot of people complain about it not moisturizing their hair or leaving their hair frizz ect. This product is NOT a moisturizer or for styling by itself! It’s specifically for detangling and being a leave-in. I have very (4b-4c”> kinky hair and this product works perfect for me. I usually mix it with water, aloe vera juice, and oil, and this product is able to last me almost a year. After detangling with this product, I usually apply my moisturizer (SheaMoisture”> and a very light gel for styling.

Elucence Moisture Benefits Shampoo (136 reviews”>

Hbstuff11 (Type 2c”> says: This shampoo is great! Leaves my hair super soft to the touch and easier to manage than a lot of other shampoos I’ve tried. The smell is wonderful, although by the time I apply conditioner and rinse that out, the smell of the shampoo is gone. Overall great product and worth the buy!

Harvey322 (Type 4c”> says: I love this shampoo! I brought it for my daughter’s hair and it made her hair feel so smooth and nice, not plasticky feeling like other shampoos! And the smell is amazing!

SeasideCurls (Type 3b”> says: This is the only shampoo I have found that doesn’t completely strip my hair of and turn it to straw. It has a nice peachy smell that doesn’t overpower you and isn’t a fake/sugary peach smell. A small amount will go a long way in my hair. Suds a little, so I still feel like I’m getting a good clean.

As I Am Coconut Cowash (285 reviews”>

Naturallydlang3 (Type 4a”> says: This is a great co-wash…if that’s all your looking to do not a good cleaning after a protective style this is just for a weekly co-wash. It’s gentle and a pleasant smell. It gives you the clean feeling without the harsh stripping feel. It is a fair price but it goes extremely fast. The only thing I don’t like is it comes in the jar. I feel like it needs a pump or to be in a bottle to squeeze out.

Stacy.bobo (Type 3a”> says: After a disastrous trip to the salon I was beside myself. I had dry, frizzy, thin hair that appeared to have lost its curl pattern. It was suggested by a store clerk at a beauty supply store that I try this product for she had great success with it. I felt I had nothing to lose and grabbed a tub. To my utter amazement it did what nothing else could. Now as I grow out my curls it’s the only product line I own. I’ve even tried the leave-in conditioner and fell in love with that as well..this line rescued my hair and gave me back hope!..Thank you so much.

Astrgar (Type 2c”> says: Really nice cleansing co-wash. Does an excellent job at keeping my dry-prone 2C/3A hair moisturized and clean. Can cut through the grime of most products. The scent isn’t the greatest but it does the job and doesn’t break the bank.

Curl Junkie Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment (220 reviews”>

Stinalee201120 (Type 4a”> says: Wow! This hair treatment is awesome. I always thought I got great results using any conditioner with honey and oil added, but I was wrong! Curl Rehab is just what I have been looking for in a deep conditioner. It’s thick and cream, it has great slip and just glides through my hair. My hair feels extremely soft and hydrated. The price is on the steep side, but I think the money is well spent.

Curlyfabs (Type 3a”> says: Love the gardenia/coconut scent. I did a henna gloss treatment which left my hair feeling like hay but after putting some of this stuff my hair was soft. This stuff is worth your buck!

Clibbylou (Type 4c”> says: Great product, very moisturizing and has a lot of slip. This conditioner really softened my hair after a henna treatment. I will definitely repurchase.

Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle (147 reviews”>

Colsgirl (Type 4b”> says: I have 4a/b, tiny, tightly coiled hair (plus frizz!”>, and while Curls in a Bottle is way too light as a stand alone styler for me, it is great as a leave-in conditioner/styling product base for my wash and go’s. It makes my styling gel work better! Traditional creme leave-in conditioners (even the light ones”> just sit on my hair and are terrible under gel for my wash and go’s. But, Curls in a Bottle is great underneath any of my styling gels. It’s clear and watery but has decent slip and light hold. A little goes a long way. It does a great job of decreasing frizz and the ‘gel crunch’, and helps to elongate my ‘shrink all the time’ coils. Also contributes to shine and bonus, no flakes! I love it and would recommend this as a styling gel reinforcer!

Naitokaze (Type 2b”> says: I really like this stuff. Finally found a curl serum that I am not allergic to! I gave it 4/5 stars because the smell is a little…off. It is a little sickly sweet plus wet dog smell. This goes away once it dries though. I do have to use this with a leave-in for moisture and a little bit of gel for hold and definition. This solution helps to eliminate frizz and makes my hair a little shinier and more manageable overall. I smooth this on damp hair after a leave-in conditioner and before gel, I use Curl Queen from this brand. I then do my best not to touch or disturb my hair until it dries!

Kbonapar (Type 2c”> says: I really loved how this defined my curls/waves and made them shiny while keeping them very soft. Unfortunately this only works on my first day hair (right after washing it”>. I usually only wash my hair about twice a week, but with Curls in a Bottle my hair starts feeling sticky, limp, and tangled starting the second day and doesn’t get better after that 🙁 Really sad it only works for one day. I probably will not be repurchasing since I don’t want to start washing my hair everyday.

Oyin Handmade Hair Dew (202 reviews”>

Uaneto (Type 4c”> says: “Great product, leaves my hair moisturized for days. I usually use this in conjunction with the Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade…great stuff!” 

Hurricanedani (Type 3b”> says: This is a great moisturizer. I use it on my hair and my daughter’s when I am doing the LOC method. I love the smell, but my 3 year old hates it.

Editor CristinaC (Type 2c”> says: This product is probably too heavy for my 2c hair normally, but right now my hair is so damaged from bleaching it that heavier, moisturizing products are working for me lately. If you have fine or wavy hair I would say use a very small amount. Overall, very moisturizing product and love the ingredients.

Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner (239″>

Kfoley228 (Type 2b”> says: Excellent conditioner for after co-washing and as a leave-in. My 2b/2c hair really loves this. As a leave-in a little goes a long way.

Lynnell (Type 4a”> says: This is my second time purchasing Elucence Moisture Balance Conditioner. I love everything about this conditioner, the way it smells, how soft it leaves my hair, and how moisturized it is after I use it.

Sheree (Type 3b”> says: This conditioner provides so much moisture and slip while shampooing, the detangling process was much easier , the foaming action that’s created after mixing with H2O while on hair adds extra hydration to the hair leaving it soft, curly, moisturized and detangled. Ready for styling.

Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Penetrating Hair Treatment (13″>

Jacquid (Type 4a”> says: Staple item for me. My hair LOVES this product. With this and As I Am Coconut Cowash, my coils are defined and elongated and there’s no frizz issue. My hair is an addict for this! Only issue I have is that it’s an 8 oz. container. Would like a larger size but it’s well worth the price.

Cleansethebody (Type 3c”> says: Only used it once so far but I had wanted to find a better DC than what I was using in the past. I used all different types all different brands and this one came out on top. This bad boy had my hair feeling amazing. Very thick but once it saturated into my hair and was on for about 30 min. (with heat”> I could finger detangle my hair so well. Loved it, definitely a keeper.

Tvigne (Type 3b”> says: This is a great product! Love it. Smells great and leaves my hair soft but not heavy like some other deep conditioners. I used the kinky custard after and I don’t know which one helped with the frizz but it works perfectly.

Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Smoothing Lotion (134 reviews”>

Mimisl27 (Type 4b”> says: Great product with slip. Makes my hair pillow soft and very moisturizing. I’m on the fence about this product because it has propylene glycol in it. I will finish the 2 bottles I have and probably won’t repurchase.

Fancyotaku (Type 4a”> says: My profile says 4a, but I’m actually a low porosity high density coarse 3c. And this stuff is AWESOME!! I couldn’t stop touching my hair. It felt like I had a soft fluffy cloud on my head. This is now my staple leave in.

Editor Susonnahg (Type 2b”> says: This is awesome. Smoothes out flyaways and smells great. And cone free. 

Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Cleansing Cowash (52 reviews”>

CurlyMimi (Type 3b”> says: This product is the bomb. After one use it made my hair much silkier. Definitely repurchasing.

lwhitman (Type 4b”> says: I just tried the Eden Co wash Cleanser last night and I absolutely love it! My hair was so soft and manageable after the wash. I will purchase again. Thank you Eden.

Curlyburgher (Type 4a”> says: This product is one of the best co wash I’ve used. A little goes a long way and it leaves my hair clean and easy to manage. It’s a shame I live in the UK and it is not sold here! Good product! 

Have you tried these products? Did we miss any of your favorites?


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