Curls are unique just like the lovely men and women who rock them. We may use some of the same products, but our coils, curls, and waves are as different as snowflakes. With hair porosity, pH balance, density, and curl pattern, we are forever on a hair care quest for the right products that will nurture, hydrate, and "defrizz" our lovely tresses. Natural hair newbies just starting out may become frustrated when trying to find a product. Even the seasoned curlies end up scratching their heads in the hair care aisle. 

What brands offer

Not all curlies want the least expensive option all the time. Yes, we love a bargain, but if you are inclined to more natural ingredients or if you are a professional hairstylist, then the drugstore that everyone buys may not be optimal for you. Providing separate drugstore and professional lines seem like a growing trend as more companies make the conscious decision to give more options to more curlies.


Curls has a few items for both lines as some items can be found at Target while others can only be found at their website or online stores like CurlMart. One such line you can only find on their site would be the Cashmere Curl collection. The Curls Cashmere Curl Collection caters to the curly who loves variety in her styling but knows she must use the right products to keep her tresses strong and healthy. There is the Cashmere Curls Moisturizer and the Cashmere Curl Jelly Curl Definer, which are both formulated with pure cashmere extract that is believed to repair damaged strands and improve elasticity by restoring depleted keratin. Another product like that collection would be the CURLS Champagne & Caviar Curl Elixir, which has champagne grape and caviar extracts.

Design Essentials 

Design Essentials is a natural hair care system that caters to all types of curls, but if you want to try their professional products, then you will need to contact a distributor or frequent a salon that uses them. They have a Design Essentials Salon Hair Care System with products that range from their Honey Crème Moisture Retention Conditioning shampoos to the DEEP Fortifying Treatment.

Ouidad Treatment 

The Ouidad Queen of Curl line is a favorite among many curlies, but were you aware they had some ultra-potent treatment products that will replenish the essential proteins and amino acids our hair needs to look and feel healthy? There is the Ouidad Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy that is heat-activated and works at the cuticle level to restore your hair’s proteins and amino acids levels. The Curl Recover Melt Down Extreme Repair Mask will restore your hair’s depleted lipid barrier and the Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-in Conditioner creates a balanced, breathable moisture foundation for your hair.


SheaMoisture Professional is a new line of professional hair care products that are made from natural and certified organic ingredients. The purpose of this line is to give the stylists what they need to care for their client’s natural and curly textures. There are eight products in this collection from moisture infusion shampoos to vibrant color shine glazes. I expect to see this line in some salons very soon.

Do you use professional or drugstore products? Can you tell the difference?