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We all want healthy hair. We want beautiful hair that grows long and strong. Is all that possible? It sure is, but sometimes we find ourselves second-guessing our methods to hair greatness and what seems like the perfect regimen is questioned when something new comes out promising longer, stronger, and even more beautiful hair than you already have. Sonja.William  wrote in to the Curly Q&A with such a dilemma. 


I use As I Am Curl Defining Jelly. Is this a good product for my hair? I have 3c hair to 4A hair. I have been using As I Am Curl Defining Jelly to help define my curls, along with the curl defining twist cream. I need to know if this is a good product for my hair. It seems to be working my hair is moisturized and it looks really nice. My Curls are very defined. I shampoo my hair with Argan Oil and I use a goat milk conditioner. I just want to know if these products are okay for my hair. Since I've been using these products my hair has grown.


Your hair seems happy and thriving. You are cleansing, conditioning, and defining your curls. I too use a curl defining jelly and have great results. The problem you feel you have is being answered already by your own hair. Confirmation of doing right by your hair has to come from your hair.

We need to listen to our hair to see if a product or regimen is working. Your hair tells you when it needs something. The signs will be there and often we ignore them but just as often we feel the need confirmation that what we are doing is right. It is time to let ourselves off the hook and allowing yourself to feel good about taking care of your hair. We see tons of information, products, techniques, ideas, and hair growth tips, but when do you just stop and allow yourself to know you are doing just fine?

Reading the signs of healthy hair is what allows you to know you are OK and need not change up your regimen unless you want to. Even when trying something new, how do you figure if it is working? Of course you need to give any product or regimen time to work and that can be anywhere from days to weeks, but what if all the stars are aligned and your hair is healthy? It is time to admit you are doing a great job and to give yourself a break.

What to look for to see if hair is not healthy?

  • Breakage 
  • Severe dryness
  • Losing more than 50 to 100 hairs a day
  • Thinning hair or bald patches

These are some telltale signs that hair is not healthy, but if your hair is not falling under any of those categories you are most likely in a good place. Worry less about what others say about a product and what it will do for your hair and more about what your hair needs through the ingredients it prefers and the temperament of your strands.

Do you find yourself second-guessing what you put on your hair even if it’s healthy?