‘All Hair Types’ isn’t a one-product-family-fits-all term.


In fact, there is much more to that ‘All Hair Types’ phrase printed on your hair care products. To give you an in-depth understanding of this, Design Essentials sponsored this post to further expound on how their Natural Coconut and Monoi really does nourish every hair texture and curl pattern in our community. Starting with the LOC Method, learn how this family of rich oils and curly girl-friendly products will change how you treat your hair prior to styling.

What’s the LOC Method?

The LOC Method is a treatment process that seals and locks moisture into every hair strand via the application of liquid, oil, and cream. No matter your texture or curl pattern, your hair will benefit from this treatment because it adds layers of strength and moisture to hair strands, resulting in healthy, soft curls and longer lasting styling opportunities.


Based on its description the LOC Method might sound like a breeze for at-home trial, but if the application of the three essential tools is done incorrectly your curls won’t reveal their true potential. That’s where Design Essentials plays a pivotal role. They’ve formulated the best nourishing treatment regimen for all texture types and curl patterns that’s easy to apply and results in salon-quality styling results.

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Water alone won’t do! You need a nourishing Liquid.

All curlies need to add moisture to their hair! Since moisture is the key factor in the LOC Method, you’ll need more than a splash of water on your curls. In fact, you’ll need to start the process with a cleansed scalp and conditioned curls before applying the Coconut Milk Leave-In Nourisher to wavy, curly, or coily hair.

Once your scalp and curls have been properly prepped, spray the leave-in nourisher onto your damp or wet hair. To ensure that all of your curls are thoroughly saturated with this lightweight nourisher, finger detangle as your spray it on. You’ll want to use a downward raking motion with your fingers, starting from the ends of your curls and work upward toward the scalp.


By applying the Coconut Milk Leave-In Nourisher in this way, you’re sealing the hair’s cuticle layers. This results in stronger strands, and stronger strands means growth for curls that may be struggling to push past their plateau. In this step, every curly girl will add much needed nutrients to strands.

Now that your curls are saturated with this nourishing formula of coconut milk, sunflower oil, panthenol, and biotin, it’s time to move to the ‘Oil’ step of the LOC Method.

Treat yourself and your curls to a luxurious Oil treatment!


The oil treatment step in the LOC Method will give your curls optimal hydration, renewed strength, illustrious shine, and undeniably healthy strands. When the Coconut and Monoi Deep Moisture Oil Treatment is applied to your damp or towel-dried curls, its Moroccan Argan Oil and Vitamin E formula will instantly repair your hair from environmental and daily styling damages. That’s because this oil treatment is actually a prime moisture sealant!

To help your curls absorb the oil treatment effectively, you must massage the oil into every strand. Using the tips of your fingers, firmly massage the oil treatment to the ends of your curls and work your way up to your scalp. By massaging this blend of botanicals and antioxidants into your strands, you’re actively repairing damages to curls while bolstering their strength and elasticity.

BONUS: Keep in mind that this oil is formulated for all hair types so that every curly girl, from wavy to coily, has a regular nourishing treatment for her healthy hair care regimen!

Can you feel it? Your days of dull, dry, thirsty hair are over!

There’s just one more step in the LOC Method you’ll need to fortify the moisture treatment you’ve executed.

Combine and lock in the power of Liquid and Oil with a hydrating Cream.


Applying a moisture sealing style cream to curls is the last step in the LOC Method. Since coconut oil is a natural sealant, your curls will not only benefit from the Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Milk Soufflé; they will be frizz-free and smooth to the touch thanks to the shea butter and a reparative milk protein in its formulation.

This last step is imperative because when applied to your nutrient-fortified curls, you’re adding extra layers of protection to your hair. You’ll love the lightweight feel of this time-saving styling cream. This is a perfect curl partner us curlies that love Wash and Go styles. If you’re a fan of finger coils and two-strand twists, you’re going to wonder why it’s taken you eons to use this deep moisture milk soufflé.

BONUS: Alongside its nourishing family members, the Deep Moisture Milk Soufflé doesn’t have nasty chemicals in it. That’s right: no parabens, no petrolatum, no phthalates, no DEA, no TEA. AND it’s Gluten-free!

Are you ready to reveal the true nature of your texture and curl pattern?



To perfect the LOC Method you will need the following:

All of these moisture treatment tools are available for purchase now. Click on the product images below to add these nourishing elements to your LOC Holy Grail collection.


As you have gathered, the term ‘All Hair Types‘ is not a simple catch-all phrase printed on product labels. It’s a signal to all curlies that the care products and stylers you choose are formulated to address specific hair care issues for not only your curls, but for your wavy and coily sisters, too! Design Essentials knows this. That’s why they’ve created the Natural Coconut and Monoi line for us all. In addition to the care products highlighted in this post, there are several maintenance and styling products in this nourishing family for curlies of every type to choose from.


In the comments section below, tell us how you’ve used Design Essentials your hair type. We want to hear from all of our wavy, curly, and coily sisters!

As ever, stay curly!

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