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Frizz is not just a characteristic of curly and coily hair. While some feel wavies have it easy with their ability to detangle in a few minutes and quickly wash and go, some need help with staving off frizz, and no one knows that better than Marlene.Lars  from Curly Q&A


I have naturally wavy hair. My hair is usually frizzy after combing; curling iron tames it. I always let [my hair] air dry; but [it] still gets frizzy. I can use a curling iron to tame the frizz but would rather not. Is there a product I can use? Currently, I use cowash and a leave in conditioner on my hair.


I would recommend not using the curling iron to tame your frizz since you will be applying too much heat too often if you use that as your solution. Your hair can become heat damaged. There are less harmful ways to fight your frizz.

Skip the heat

While it seems like the curling iron is actually controlling the frizz, heat styling tools are drying to the hair and can actually create more frizz over time. Too much heat is not good for your waves so continue to air-dry, but skip the curling iron and try better choices for smoothing those waves.

Apply a styler to wet hair

After applying a leave-in conditioner to wet hair, use a styling product and air-dry. Serums like SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Reconstructive Finishing Elixir are great at smoothing the hair and fighting off frizz. Make sure to pay attention to the ends of your hair to keep them smooth and reduce flyaways. I love using it as a cocktail with my conditioner to help stave off frizz too. You can also consider plopping to expedite the dry time.

Try sulfate-free shampoos / use moisturizing shampoos

Fighting frizz starts before you style your hair. While sulfates are necessary for removing product buildup, they are too harsh for consistent use on wavy hair. Moisturizing shampoos that are sulfate-free, like Briogeo Rosarco Reparative Shampoo and Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Sulfate-Free Shampoo, help retain the hair’s moisture and deter frizz.

Try cowashing

While shampoo is essential, co-washing with a botanical conditioner or cleansing conditioner in-between cleansing is a great way to keep your hair moisturized. If you are using a cleansing conditioner, expect a gentle clean that will not strip your hair.

Leave the comb alone

Not sure when you are combing your hair but it sounds like it is disrupting the natural wave of your hair and creating frizz. Using a comb to detangle or distribute your deep conditioner is fine, but after that you should consider applying your other products with your fingers, also known as shingling. Make sure to leave hair alone after you have applied your leave-in conditioner and styling product. Allow your waves to dry undisturbed so not to disrupt the hair and create frizz.

What’s your go-to for fighting frizz on wavy hair?