Regardless of the stage you are at in your personal healthy hair journey, learning your texture type can make a huge difference in your hair care and maintenance routine.

If you don’t know your hair type yet, there is no need to worry. NaturallyCurly has done the work for you by providing a comprehensive guide, that’s exactly how I learned that I have 3c hair and which products to use.

Type 3c curly hair tests

Testing your curl type will begin with categories that start at Type 2 (Wavy) and continue with Type 3 (Curly) and Type 4 (Coily). Each category is broken down into a subcategory to further identify your curl type. An easy way to determine where you fit is to visit the NaturallyCurly hair type page. It shows you an image of each hair type along with information on what to look for. In addition, it lists tips on products to use for each curl type and a list of celebrities and social media gurus to relate to.

According to NaturallyCurly,

“Type 3c curls resemble tight corkscrews and are approximately the circumference of a pencil or straw. Type 3c hair tends to be higher in density and coarser than type 2 or 3 hair, giving it more volume. Type 3c curls are finer in texture, though packed tightly together on the head.”

For example, my hair is 3c with a touch of 3b in certain areas. When I reviewed the hair type page, I was immediately drawn to the image of the girl with 3c hair because her hair resembled my own. As I continued to read, I was able to clarify that my curls resembled tight corkscrews, are the circumference of a pencil, and are fine in texture. As added confirmation, the celebrities listed were whom I considered a hair match.

How I learned to care for 3c hair

First I found products that work well for 3c hair

Lightweight stylers such as gel-creams, sprays, and even mousses work wonders on type 3 hair. Because this curl pattern is not quite as coarse as type 4 hair, products with a heavier consistency--like shea butter or olive oil--may coat and weigh the strands down. However, remember that what works for 3a may not work for 3c and vice versa.

It always starts with trial and error

What "works" for you will ultimately depend your personal preference. Start by asking yourself this: Do I care about definition more than volume? Also ask yourself if your hair is dehydrated as a result of past color-treatment and processing, lack of care, medical conditions, and more. In my experience, trial and error has been the most helpful lesson to understanding what my hair needs.

Become ingredient-conscious

Specifically for 3c hair, my favorites have included those that do not contain a ton of toxic chemicals and ingredients, although occasionally one will slip in the equation. Since I am a big fan of volume with just a bit of definition, I tend to use a gel that first shrink and tighten up the curl pattern, then with my fingers and a pick, I will fluff my curls out for added volume. A great mousse will give similar results with less definition, and a lightweight curl cream provides hydration and moisture to my thirsty curls.

Although it should not be difficult to determine if your hair is within type 2, 3, or 4, the subcategories can be tricky.

Have you determined your hair type yet?

If you have any tips for the NC community on discovering their curl pattern, share them below.

Visit the NaturallyCurly texture typing page for more information.

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