When it comes to body in our hair, many of us struggle with either achieving it or keeping it.


Depending on your hair type and curl pattern, you may already be blessed with goal-worthy volume.

However, for the rest of us, getting achieving body may require some real effort. This simple guide contains some advice that might help you achieve the body you crave.

First thing’s first: volume vs. body

Body is how much movement hair has, while volume refers to how raised the hair is from the scalp. While these terms mean something slightly different, they are often used in the same way.

Healthy routines

If you are noticing a loss of body in your hair, the culprit may just be the products you are using and how you use them.

Volume and body are created by roots that are lifted from the scalp and help create body because hair can move more freely. If you are using products that are causing build-up and weighing down your hair, hair will naturally lack the body you are seeking. Make sure you monitor your build-up and use a clarifying shampoo when needed. Moisturize and cleanse hair to keep it as healthy as possible. Hair that is damaged often lacks body.

Tricks of the trade

1. Use your blow dryer the right way to create the desired volume.

While some curlies avoid the blow dryer in fear of it causing extra frizz, this can be remedied with an anti-frizz solution or leave-in conditioner that is compatible with heat. Towel dry hair first with a microfiber towel to help with frizz fighting.

Blow dry your hair using a diffuser with your head upside down, starting at the roots and working your way down. Focus on the roots while running either a brush or fingers through hair to help increase volume and body.

2. Tease it up

Another effective method to help build body and volume is to tease it at the roots.

For this method, lift hair up in sections and brush up and down from the roots. Be careful not to tug hair–this method might not be ideal for especially fine-haired curlies.

3. Use the Right Products

There are several products available to help build body and volume in curly hair.

Consider a curl activator or root raiser to help build the desired volume. Avoid heavy oils and silicone-based styling products that cause curls to become weighed down, as they can make hair less voluminous with the added weight they add to strands.

4. Play with styles

From a front pouf to a pieced beachy wave style, go with styles that are known for adding texture for bigger hair. Avoid sleek ponytails and tight buns that make your hair look flat.

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