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" My mom always insists that I should have my hair shorter because it will look better that way apparently and she thinks it will be less frizzy.

Now that I've found my true 2b texture (always thought I was a 2a) I'm pretty satisfied with how curly my hair is, which is almost halfway down my back. But, there is still a lot of frizz and it's not that shiny, particularly near the roots.

Could cutting my 2b hair shorter make it less frizzy? Is my texture better off shorter?" 


Danielle, the length of your hair does not necessarily deem your hair’s texture. Even with the best haircut possible, you will still have to do some of the work to keep it looking shiny, defined and healthy. Your texture is here to stay - unless you have it chemically altered.

Find a stylist who understands

Knowing your curl/wave type is important, and it’s a great point to start working from. Finding a stylist who understands the look you are trying to achieve is also very important. And lastly, maintaining your style and cut, to avoid too much frizz, is also important. Find photos of what’s close to your hair type (and color) and bring them to a stylist who has worked with curly hair and knows the ins and outs of cutting and styling waves and curls.

Work with your frizz, not against it

Yes, the length of your hair will “pull” it down a bit, but you may still encounter frizz on warm, humid days, or as the weather changes. Trying out a new look and going from longer to shorter may give your waves some bounce and definition too--especially if they haven’t been cut in a while. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as well as for his or her input about the cut you’re looking to achieve.

Every hair type, texture, thickness, and length require different things. Learn how to maintain your new style--find products that are safe, and right, for your hair. Experiment and see what works for you. After washing your hair, towel dry with a microfiber towel instead of terry cloth, and use cool air on your blow dryer instead of hot. That way, your hair cuticles will lay flat, reducing the amount of frizz.

Use products with honey & marshmallow root

For type 2 hair that is prone to frizz, try silicone-free products with honey or marshmallow root like MopTop Daily Conditioner, Milk+Honey Tangle Free Pudding, Nubian Heritage Honey & Black Seed Leave-In Cream, or Samy Esencia Marshmallow & Yarrow Styling Mousse.

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