SunKissAlba on What It Takes to Be a Successful YouTuber


2014-01-07 18:45:24

SunKissAlba on What It Takes to Be a Successful YouTuber

One of SunKiss Alba's secret to YouTube success: being authentic. Read the rest here!

SunKissAlba Curly Hair Youtuber

NC: What do you want to do beyond YouTube?

Alba: Beyond YouTube I would love to create my own hair care and cosmetics line that is 100% chemical free, toxic free, and made with organic/plant derived ingredients.

I am extremely passionate about being natural from the inside out and in 2013 my new passion became chemical free makeup with organic ingredients. I already was natural with my hair and the foods I eat so my last step is to convert the cosmetics I use to be as natural as possible as well.

NC: Do you have any advice for new bloggers and vloggers?

 Alba: Don't try to fit in because not fitting in is what will set you apart from the rest and make you noticable in the big sea of YouTubers. There are so many vloggers on YouTube so it's difficult for newcomers to be noticed.

The best way to set yourself apart is:

1. Be yourself

2. Don't be afraid to show your personality and a little of your personal life

3. Your personality is what will keep your viewers coming back to watch another video.

Remember that without personality your viewers can't get to know you and be relatable. Just be you.

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