The Right Rollers for Every Hairstyle & Curl Pattern
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Hair rollers are used to achieve curls and waves without using a curling iron or wand. There are different types of rollers, including heated, and they vary in length and width. Many who use hair rollers love the lasting hold they give, especially when creating a wet set. Roller sets also give volume to your tresses and a uniform look if you have different types of curls on your head. 

Many often believe that curly-haired women do not want or need rollers, but that could not be further from the truth! Curly girls use hair rollers for the same reasons straight-haired women do: for a uniform, sleek, curly style that lasts. Also, women with coily hair can use them to loosen their curls, and women with looser curls and waves can use rollers to achieve tighter curls.

There are several ways to curl your hair, but rollers seem to give smoothness like no other curling tool, and the type of roller to use depends on your curl pattern, length, and desired look. If you have hair on your head, we can find a roller that will give you the style you crave.

Cold Wave Rods or Perm Rods

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Most associated with older women opting for curly perms, perm rods are a big hit with the naturals because they offer numerous styles. They come in several sizes, from the thickest rods to give loose curls to the smallest rods, giving the tightest curls possible. The thin ones are great for curly styles when your hair is in the teeny weeny afro (TWA) stage. They are easy to use because you curl your hair around the rod and then secure it with the rubber banded tip. They are great for a twist and curl, curly fro, and just a traditional roller set. These perm rods can actually be used on natural or relaxed tresses.

Flexi Rods

The Right Rollers for Every Hairstyle & Curl Pattern
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Flexi rods are long, flexible, cushioned rods designed to create spiral curls without pins, clips, or pain. They give consistent, sleek, bouncy spiral curls, although it may take some time to get used to them with their odd shape. These should be used on wet, detangled hair to get the best look, especially tighter-coiled textures. You section the hair into 1-inch sections and wrap the hair around the flexi rod, rolling the rod up toward the scalp. The tighter the desired curl, the smaller the section, and the opposite is true for bigger curls. They do come in varying widths for curl sizes.

Magnetic Rollers

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These are the smooth rollers in several colors according to the size of the curl desired. They create smooth, voluminous curls but must be used on smoothed and detangled wet hair. They can be tricky to use since they require pins to stay in place and, if not properly installed, can leave wavy, curly, or bushy roots. These are sometimes used by naturals to stretch their hair as a preparation for straightening or a substitute for straightening. You want to use the biggest rollers that work for your length to achieve the best results.


The Right Rollers for Every Hairstyle & Curl Pattern
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The newest and revolutionary curling tool created in 2008, Curlformers are orange and pink aerated tubes with a hook rod for installation. They create barrel curls that are smooth, sleek, and great for curly girls who want to rock spiral curls. Naturals have fallen in love with these hair rollers, and although it may seem intimidating at first to use (the hook is long), the hair is not damaged if you use the hook correctly. You get better with each application, and the hair is smooth and curled into a spiral or barrel curl perfectly. One of the best parts of this is the ends of your hair (if fully encased in the Curlformer) are smooth and not frayed.   

Velcro Rollers

The Right Rollers for Every Hairstyle & Curl Pattern
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They sound painful but are great for the coarse, wavy ladies. This roller is also perfect for short hair, and when used correctly, it will not damage your tresses. Just remember always gently to unroll them until they release all the hair and they can be used on damp or dry hair.

Heated or Steam Rollers

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Great for quick fixes and all hair types. Heated rollers just need to be heated up and then applied, but if taken out when completely cold, they can get entangled in your tresses. Trying the steam rollers may be a better option since they are better for your hair but take longer to heat up. They are available in varying diameters and used on dry hair to create long-lasting curls and minimize frizz. Heated and steam rollers are still better than curling wands and irons.

Which are your favorite hair rollers? Let us know in the comments!

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