Natural hair has made it to the digital pages of VOGUE, and no, not just in a photo shoot depicting the wild. This time, singer/DJ Kilo Kish was asked to describe her natural hair routine to the VOGUE audience, and she nailed it.

In the interview, Kish describes her decision to go natural when she first moved to New York City when she was 18, saying that she just wanted free. No word on a big chop, but with the singer being 23-years-old today, that marks five since she first joined #teamnatural.

Of course, when the interviewer asks her how she gets her hair to look like it does, she has to simply explain that "it is basically just my natural hair." If she wanted to drop some natural community lingo, she could have told VOGUE that it is a wash-and-go, but it's OK. The audience will figure it out.

Aubrey Organics gets a shout out in the interview as does argan oil and the process of sectioning off.

This marks the first natural hair care promotion from a big brand, especially one like VOGUE, via video, where we know that curly hair care experts and gurus reign. Take a look at the video, ladies. It looks like natural hair is starting to rule the airwaves.

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