Introduce yourself.

My name is Sindou Jonathan, I am 21 years old, French, and I am a young seller in the society Foot Locker. 

Describe your personal style.

My personal style is maybe original, but in reality is very simple. I consider myself very open--I like old school vintage fashion and style. I also enjoy the hipster/rocker style around me. Since my childhood, I have been a fan of and inspired by style hip hop culture.

How does your curly hair and beard play a part in your personal expression?

My hair and my beard are very important for me and they play a big part in my style. My style is simple; my hair and beard are naturally me. Besides, it is fun for me!

What products do you use?

I shampoo with Garnier for curly hair. Shea butter is the best, too. To style my curls, I use Franck Provost styling mousse.

What advice do you give someone who is growing out his curls or beard and needs a confidence boost?

First of all, it is important that he owns his style and personality. It is necessary that he feels good about himself without paying attention to others. He shouldn't be afraid to dare himself; this will make the real difference in confidence.

How can we keep up with you online?

Instagram! @leboyjow