Fall is officially here!

In London this means an increase in rain, wind and cold air, which all often lead to dreaded bad hair days! While us curlies just got over the struggle of the summer humidity, we now have a whole new season to conquer! Luckily, with the help of some amazing black female entrepreneurs, we now have some great hat options made specifically for us curlies to choose from when you need to hide your tresses on a bad hair day.

Instagram has become a great tool when looking for the latest fashion trends, and we used it to spot some popular curly girls who made us want to give these fall hat trends a try. Use this for your next shopping spree.


SLAP hat
Photo courtesy of Grace Eleyae

This beanie-like hat is amazing for the colder fall weather. SLAP hats help curlies to protect their hair thanks to its satin lining, which prevents friction, frizz, and keeps moisture locked in! Rocking the SLAP hat is like wearing a trendy bonnet all day long. Grace Eleyae has a great choice of colors for fall, from black to nude to pink.

pineapple scarf
Photo courtesy of @chelliscurls

Silk or satin headscarf

Add a pop of color to your pineapple or curly bun the next time you head out by using a satin or silk headscarf. Sometimes, we like to still have our curly ends out on display while protecting our length, so this a great way of having the best of both worlds. This style has been popular on Instagram lately with the likes of @Chelliscurls creating gorgeous curly hairstyles with them. You can pick 1 of these up at your local beauty store or Amazon.

turban ruby


Turbans, or headscarves tied like a turban, are a great way to get full coverage for those days when we need to hide a bad hair day from edges to ends! This style is popular amongst hair bloggers and celebs alike! The Ruby Sampson Headwrap is another silk lined gem perfect for bad hair days to slay and protect. For the full fall fashion effect, the only thing you need to style is your edges.

beyonce backless hat

Backless cap

Beyoncé hit the nail on the head with this one! This hat blew up the natural hair corner of Instagram, as we all felt like it was made specifically for us! For those of us who love the cap and snapback look but honestly can never get 1 to fit all of our curls, the Ivy Park backless cap allows room for them to breathe.

tylauren fedora

Pictured: Ty Lauren


Nothing says fall more than a fedora. As autumn arrives you’ll see more and more of these posted on the gram, and this straw version is perfect for this transitional season. A great way to rock this hat if you have tighter curls is to create two plaits (Beyonce style”> or wear it on top of a twist out or braid out so it’s easier to fit around your curls! Get one on Amazon now.

Now you have 5 hats perfect for the fall season — they’re not only great for style, but be practical for your hair!

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Shannon aka "UK Curly Girl" is natural hair blogger/YouTuber from London, UK! She is a self-proclaimed product junkie who is transitioning to natural curls. Her passion is sharing her journey with other curly women — especially those in the UK, where the natural hair market is just now beginning to grow.

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