If you have an oval shaped face, you might not be aware that this shape is considered perfect for just about all hair styles. There are so many curly hair styles for oval faces—no matter what your hair type—so the sky’s the limit.

The oval shaped face is considered perfect because there is nothing about the face that needs to be enhanced, nor are there feature that should be minimized of detracted from. The biggest rule to finding curly hair styles for oval faces is to not cover it up. Why mess with perfection?


Allow those amazing features to shine with a long, layered cut. Type 2 wavies can enjoy side-swept bangs, but curly gals with type 3 and type 4 hair may want to shy away from bangs altogether. Curly and kinky bangs have a tendency to shrink and may need to often be heat-styled to maintain the look. Heat styling is unhealthy for your locks and it is best to stay away from daily use.

Keep in mind that, while bangs may be an option, for wavies, curlies and kinkies, an oval face is something to show off. No need to cover your forehead—your oval shaped face should shine.


For medium to longer hair, all curlies will want to keep their locks from falling in their face. Each curly hair type should consider parting their hair on the side instead of down the middle. This will keep the oval-shape from looking too long. Try sticking your hair behind your ears and using either pins or a decorative barrette to hold it in place.


No matter long or short, all curly hair styles should be layered but still kept off the face. The oval shape can handle a shorter cut as long as there are no bangs involved for those with tighter or kinky curls.

Curlies can run into trouble if they cut their hair too short without layering. Cuts that are too far above the ears can make you look like a puffball, so soften up the cut by allowing for a slightly longer cut and some layers.

Reach for the Stars

Beyonce Knowles and Julia Roberts are both blessed with oval shaped faces, and both have long, curly hair. Their styles can be emulated by curlies everywhere. Get brave, enjoy your perfect face, and see what you like best.

Kim Kirsch


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