Because of its much-needed attention for styling, curly, kinky and wavy hair oftentimes can be hard to cut short. Ultimately, the type of cut depends on the thickness of the hair and the curl as well as a woman’s individual style. Fortunately, there are many flattering short hair styles to choose from. Here are some of our favorites!

Cropped Cut

Best for Kinky or Curly Locks


Just because you have curly hair doesn’t mean you can’t sport a cropped cut. Hair professionals suggest leaving at least three inches of length all over the hair, making sure it mimics the natural shape of the head.

Razor cuts should be avoided as they promote frizz and rough up the hair’s natural texture.

Sometimes those with kinky or curly hair will experience extra shrinkage or, even, less curl from a shorter cut. Having the hair cut while dry will help to avoid this, given that the curl pattern can be seen as the cut is made. Be sure to find a stylist in your area who has expertise in cutting curly or kinky hair. This can make all the difference.

Avoid cropped cuts if you have fine/thin hair since it will emphasize your lack of volume.

Layered Locks


Best for Thinner Wavy Tresses

Wavy hair may be the best type to cut with layers. Layered short hairstyles can be altered with length to fit the needs of each person. Layers prevent wavy hair from being flat on top and weighed down on the bottom. This allows for great volume at the roots of the hair and prevents thick ends that are oftentimes hard to style.

For those with thick curls, this cut may not be as flattering as it will create multiple layers of thick volume throughout the head, which may come across as over the top.

Long Bob

Long Bob

Best for Wavy or Kinky Hair

A long bob is great for wavy or kinky hair since it creates movement in the hair. This makes it easy to style as well as easier to maintain overtime. While this may seem like a dated short hairstyle (it became trendy in the 1920s”>, with angling on the ends, the look can be trendy and timeless for any curly-haired girl. If you’re looking for a dramatic new look, the log bob is perfect.

Graduated Hairstyle


Best for Wavy or Curly Spirals

This type of haircut allows hair to be layer gradually down the head, where the longest layers are closest to bottom of the head and the shortest ones toward the crown. Not only will this haircut provide body & volume to your hair, it will also look elegant and soft.

Graduated short hairstyles are great for those with unruly hair that’s hard to style. Cutting hair into a graduated cut will tame the locks and leave you with a fresh, sexy look. A variation of this haircut is called stacking. This is where the longest layers are kept near the front of the hair and short layers are cut increasingly until you get to the back of the head. This haircut is great for those who want face framing and volume.

Finding short hairstyles that are easy to style and maintain and that fit your texture, thickness and curl is important. Never let your wavy, curly or kinky locks get in the way of your style dreams, but do keep texture in mind. When you work with your hair, your hair works wonders for you.

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