Hey guys! Welcome back. Today I’m answering 4 frequently asked questions about short curly hair and pixie cuts from NaturallyCurly.com’s Q&A section.

1. How many times can I co-wash my short hair?

“I’m from the Dominican Republic and I have trouble styling my hair in the morning so sometimes I co-wash; however, I think I’m wetting my hair too much.”

Co-wash as frequently as you’d like. But keep in mind that there is such thing as over conditioning which will weigh them down and make you lose your curl. To counter this, I’d suggest doing a clarifying treatment once a month to get rid of all that product build-up. Another thing you can do is get a spritz bottle full of water and conditioner–this is a great curl refresher if you’re having trouble styling in the morning. Finger detangling is lot more gentler on your curls. Start detangling from the bottom and work your way up so you experience less breakage.

2. My haircut won’t let me pineapple. How can I keep my curls while I sleep?

“I have type 3b hair and I do sleep on a satin pillowcase.”

You can do what I do, which is take the hair that does manage to stay in a pineapple. The rest of the hair that does not stick in my pineapple are pinned up with bobby pins. You can also do a ‘multi-pineapple’ on multiple sections of your hair. Another option is to wear a scarf to get the 360 coverage.

3. Would a pixie with my kind of curls look good?

“I have 2c/3a hair, not sure which one. Probably both.”

As a veteran of the big chop and someone who has done the big chop, I can tell you: absolutely! Pixie cuts are wonderful. Everyone should try it–it’s low maintenance, liberating, and cut my routine time in half. Make sure it is something you really want to do; it does take some time to get used to. Google and do your fair amount of research because it will not look like a pixie cut on straight hair.

You can also check the NaturallyCurly photos section, StyleNook, for curly pixie cuts. If you have a short haircut, upload your photo to inspire other curlies!

4. Is it healthy to do nothing with your hair?

“I have a pixie cut and I do co-wash, but I don’t use any other products right now.”

Absolutely not! I think it’s all a matter of preference. When I had a pixie cut, sometimes all I did was smooth it down with some water. As it grew out a little bit, I started using a volumizing gel or curly custard when my hair would stick up in wonky places.

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Nina Sultan


As a monthly content contributor of NaturallyCurly, Nina is a passionate mixed media artist from Illinois. She has a deep love for curly hair and helping to empower curly folks everywhere to embrace their natural hair and beauty. She is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Art Therapy in New York where she is working towards becoming a licensed, certified, and registered Mixed Media Art Therapist. She guides people through art and the creative process to help restore and improve their mental health.

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