Wavy natural hair can be exciting but also frustrating. Frizz, limpness, and random stragglers that won’t curl like the rest of your hair–us wavies our own bout of hair problems. A user recently asked the community this question in our Curly Q&A section:

I have 2b type hair. And I want to know how to get my curly/wavy look but not have frizz.



First, it is important to understand how frizz can happen. These top causes may contribute to why your hair won’t stay smooth:

  • You use the wrong hair products for your hair type.

  • You use too much or too little hair product–you should always work the product into your hair gently, using what is needed for your type and length.

  • You dry your hair with a terry cloth towel

  • You sleep on a cotton pillowcase

  • You color your hair often without deep conditioning

  • You heat process your hair often is a sure way to make more frizz.

First we should realize that we may not be ridding of ALL the frizz and embracing some of it as a “halo” is actually pretty. Nonetheless, let’s talk about 3 techniques to help you battle your frizz.

The Praying Hands Method

Cocktail your favorite styling products into your palms and work a generous amount into your hair. Apply an alcohol-free definer liberally at the roots of your wet hair by placing your hands over your crown like a sandwich–or praying hands–over the section and smoothing the product. By doing so, you distribute product to every part of your hair that needs it. Watch how to do it.

Rake & Shake Method

Developed by the stylists at Ouidad, this technique has been used by lots of curly and wavy curls for soft, touchable curls. The key to this method is maintaining good moisture in the hair. As you style wet hair, you may need to keep a water mister bottle close by in case your hair starts to dry quickly. Start by applying a leave in conditioner to small sections throughout your hair and pin each section. Pour your favorite styler between your fingers, unpin the section, apply it using only your fingertips–like a rake–then gently hold the ends of the section with your fingers. Shake them back and forth, allowing your strands to air dry and releasing your waves to their natural pattern. Watch how to do it.

The Plopping Method

This is a popular method with curly girls too. Again, start with clean, wet hair. Next, apply your favorite styler and moisturizer cocktail evenly throughout your hair. Lay an old cotton T-shirt on your counter space, bed, or a chair nearby. Keep the sleeves closer to you and carefully flip your hair forward so all of it lies on the center of the T-shirt. Place the bottom end of the T-shirt at your neck and tie the sleeves of the shirt in the back into a knot then tuck in any loose ends and allow hair to “plop” for 10-20 minutes. If you can, air dry–if you don’t have much time, attach a diffuser to your dryer on your roots to prevent frizz. Here’s how to do it.

If you color your hair regularly, make sure to ask your stylist about color protectants like Olaplex. Educate yourself on making the most of your heat styling tools without overdoing it on the damage. Also, make sure you deep condition your hair with a nourishing hair masque every two weeks.

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