How to Lay Down Your Edges the All-Natural Way
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There’s nothing like edges that are completely “laid to the gawds,” as they say. Immaculate baby hairs are truly a work of modern art. Picasso who?

Coily-haired beauties often use some strong edge control or gel to sweep their edges into place, and the results look amazing. But sometimes, all you want is a soft, natural, and sleek look – using products that won’t dry out your hair, flake away, or become stiff. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to smooth your edges with products that are gentle on your hair.

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When you want to lay your edges, but you don’t really feel like reaching for the Gorilla Snot, here are a few all-natural ways to smooth your edges down.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

How to Lay Down Your Edges the All-Natural Way

Add this to the list of amazing feats that Jamaican black castor oil can perform. This thick oil has the consistency of molasses, and it’s heavy enough to weigh down your hair. That means it’s not ideal for all-over moisture, but it’s absolutely perfect for applying a modest amount to your edges to lay them flat. As a bonus, JBCO promotes hair growth, so if your edges are struggling, this will help them recover.

Shea or Cocoa Butter

How to Lay Down Your Edges the All-Natural Way

Similarly, a simple butter can do the trick. Hair butter is an excellent alternative to gel because it holds your hair in place without drying or flaking. Instead, it delivers a significant dose of moisture.

Suppose you want an edge control with hydrating ingredients. In that case, our 2023 Best of the Best winner Flawless by Gabrielle Union Edge Control Hair Styling Cream is infused with Biotin, Passionfruit Seed Oil, Acai Palm Oil, and Buriti Oil to stimulate growth and strengthen hair. Alternatively, you can use a dollop of pure shea butter or cocoa butter.

Make Your Own Gel

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If you’d still like to opt for a gel but want to go the all-natural route, try making your own homemade hair gel. DIY flaxseed gel works amazingly well for this purpose. The thicker you make your gel, the stronger the hold will be. Read more about how to make your own flaxseed gel.

Use a Toothbrush or Boar Bristle Brush

How to Lay Down Your Edges the All-Natural Way

If you haven’t heard of this trick, it’s time to get on board! Using a small brush is much easier than using your fingers or a regular comb/brush to lay your edges. You don’t have to spend money on a fancy, miniature edge brush. You probably already have the perfect tool lying around: a toothbrush.

A toothbrush works well for precise baby hair styling. You can also use a boar-bristle brush for sweeping your edges into a bun or ponytail.

Tie your head

After you’ve laid your edges, you need to ensure they stay in place until they’re completely dry. Wrap a silk or satin scarf around your edges, secure it firmly, and leave it in place for at least 20 minutes. While you wait, you can apply your makeup, get dressed, or do whatever else you need to do before you leave the house.

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If you want a smooth look, start the process overnight – wrap your hair before bed, and wake up to soft and sleek edges.

These methods will result in a soft, natural-looking hold rather than a stiff hold. They’re easy on your hair, and easy on the wallet, too.

Have you successfully laid your edges using an all-natural method? How? Share your wisdom in the comments!

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