Try the Baggy Method for Longer Natural Hair

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Read any curly forum, group, or blog, and you will quickly be faced with questions like: Where can I get the most moisture? What products will yield the most moisture? What’s the secret ingredient for moisture?

Having curly hair is a never-ending quest for hydration, and many naturals suffer from dry hair or brittle ends, which then lead to fragile hair and breakage. If you want to give your hair the best possible chance of retaining length and feeling its softest, then you need to keep your hair moisturized, with an emphasis on your ends.

What is the Baggy Method?

The baggy method is a highly popular technique and a creative solution for locking in your moisture using a Ziploc bag. Many curlies swear by this method on their journeys to longer hair. First, you apply a moisturizer to the hair and then wrap with a Ziploc baggy, plastic shower cap, or saran wrap for an extended period of time. 

Is the Baggy Method the same as the Greenhouse Effect?

Many get this method confused with the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is designed to stimulate your scalp’s natural sebum using your own body heat. You simply add a natural oil and/or butter to dry or damp hair and cover with a plastic cap. I’d like to clarify that the baggy method and the greenhouse effect are not the same.

Is the Baggy Method the same as Pre-Pooing?

The Baggy Method is also different from a pre-poo because you do not follow up with washing your hair and this is done on clean hair. A pre-poo is combatting the effects of the cleansing with shampoo, which can be harsh on your strands. It doesn’t seem to matter if you use a moisturizer or a conditioner as long as it’s something your hair responds to very well.

Try the Baggy Method for Longer Natural Hair

Photo: The Gloved Natural

How to do the Baggy Method

There are two ways to do the baggy method to retain moisture:

  1. Ends – You can choose to only apply product to your ends. If you are noticing split or dry, brittle ends then try baggying on your ends.
  2. All Over – Apply product all over your hair. The all-over method is usually done on freshly washed hair. You apply your favorite moisturizer or a dab of conditioner to all of your hair.

What You’ll Need:

  • Your favorite moisturizer or conditioner
  • Ziploc sandwich bag, Saran wrap, a plastic bag, or a plastic shower cap
  • Hair tie

Step 1. Moisturize – Apply a moisturizer or a dab of conditioner to your hair (either the ends or all over”>

Step 2. Cover – Cover your moisturized hair with saran wrap, a plastic shower cap, or a Ziploc sandwich bag secured with a ouchless hair tie on your bag.

Step 3. Wait – Whether you’re treating your ends or all of your hair, leave the moisturizer on for three or four hours or overnight but not any longer as our hair needs to breathe. 

You can watch The Gloved Natural using the Baggy Method on her ends here.

How often should you use the Baggy Method?

The baggy method is great for softer, moisturized hair but it doesn’t need to be done every day. Your hair must have time to dry out completely. It’s not healthy for hair to be constantly wet or damp over long periods of time. Most curlies and coilies will wear this overnight for maximum benefit.

Do you baggy your hair? Which method do you prefer?

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