In the natural hair community, there are lots of so-called miracle solutions for your curls. One of the most touted and trusted is that of coconut water.

Used for skin and hair alike for a boost of hydration, this wonder oil is a mainstay in the routines of curlies everywhere. Here’s what you need to know.

“Can I put coconut water in my hair?”

According to a study published in US National Library of Medicine, “The wide applications of this ingredient can be justified by its unique chemical composition of sugars, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytohormones.” The question is: should you put it in your hair? And what effects will this ingredient have on your curls? Coconut water has some hydrating properties which make it ideal for treating thirsty curls. This solution is also anti-fungal, which helps to promote a healthy scalp. While the effects of coconut oil and water have been documented by many natural hair enthusiasts, the benefits of coconut water itself has not been substantiated.

How to choose the right coconut water

When adding coconut water to your routine, here are few tips to set you off on the right track.

Choose coconut water that is pure and sugar-free. Sugar can be a drying agent for hair and skin, so opting for something pure is always best. Sugar, flavoring, and other additives found in certain brands of coconut water can leave hair sticky as well. With pure coconut water, you might still have a little bit of stickiness, but not enough to be bothersome.

Don’t try to make your own unless you are a wizard at DIY concoctions. You can make coconut water at home with whole coconuts and certain tools, but store-bought coconut water is just fine, and it will give you the same benefits without all the work.

One of the best things about making a DIY beauty product is you know the ingredients are safe and non-toxic. When you purchase a hair or skin care product at the store, you have to study labels to find the ones that meet your standards. Sometimes, even products that claim to be all-natural have added ingredients such as fragrances which can be grating to your skin or other chemical compounds that are not necessarily great for you. With at-home blends, you know the ingredients are natural!

How to use coconut water on your hair

Use coconut water as an after-wash rinse.

The best thing about using coconut water is that you literally just open the bottle and pour it onto your scalp and strands. Massaging it into the scalp is always a good way to get the antifungal properties for the full benefit. Then just rinse your hair and you’re ready to go.

Use coconut water as a leave-in conditioner.

It provides a silky texture that combines coconut water with penetrating natural oils to provide maximum moisture and shine in a lightweight, non-greasy formula. Of course, this will only work with pure coconut water to avoid a sticky mess. Transfer it to a spray bottle. Apply evenly to strands, and experience hydrated hair all day!

NaturallyCurly Editor Cristina Cleveland tried the coconut water leave-in (pictured above”> to refresh her curls by pouring it into a Curly Hair Solutions Spray Bottle and evenly coating her dry hair. “I honestly thought it’d be a sticky mess, so I diluted it with water in my spray bottle just in case. I was pleasantly surprised with the results! It was NOT sticky at all, and it even gave my hair a light amount of hold. It was great as a curl refresher, but the likelihood that I’m going to keep going to the store and buying new bottles of coconut water is pretty slim.”

Would you put coconut water in your hair?

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