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Now that the weather is getting colder, our hair starts to change, which includes having a dry and itchy scalp. The cold weather can remove all of the great moisture out of our gorgeous curls. Our curl friend, Amy.Hazelton from our Curly Q&A section, asked us the following:


What do you do for the winter itchies? My scalp is so dry, flaky, and itchy! I’m going crazy! I’ve been using Yes to Carrots Shampoo, which is supposed to help your scalp, and also use Yes to Coconuts conditioner. I added tea tree oil to my shampoo and my scalp is still flaky and super itchy! Help! I’m 2c/3a combo.


The colder months can definitely be a reason for an itchy scalp, but it can also be other reasons. Did this start recently when the seasons changed? Are you using multiple products in a short period of time? Check out this article about four surprising reasons why your scalp is itchy.  It can help determine reasons why your scalp is so itchy.

First, evaluate your regimen.

  • Are you co-washing too often? 
  • Are you using shampoo enough? 
  • Are you thoroughly rinsing your hair after deep conditioning? 
  • Do your product contain mineral oil?
Cocktail with scalp soothers

Kudos for adding tea tree oil in your shampoo, as it does help alleviate a dry and itchy scalp. Other ingredients such as honey, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and aloe vera can help soothe an itchy scalp. Try incorporating those ingredients into your regimen. See if an apple cider vinegar rinse works, or if you add honey to your conditioner for itch relief. If you want to stick with tea tree oil, try massaging your scalp with tea tree oil and a carrier oil, like coconut oil, which has anti-fungal properties. Since you are not rinsing your scalp after the massage, it is possible for the tea tree oil to work more effective. You can also combine both the shampoo and the scalp massages into your regimen.  

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Cover up

Before you walk out the house, try to make habit of wearing a hat. The cold weather can dry your hair out. If possible, sew a satin cap inside of your hat to help reduce breakage from your hair rubbing against the material of your hat and to retain as much moisture as possible. If hats are not your thing, try wearing head wraps.

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Hydrate (not just your hair”>

Remember that it is not always about the hair products that you are using for your curls. You have to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Keep your body hydrated with water by drinking at least eight glasses a day. I always notice when I am not drinking a lot of water my scalp becomes dry and my face starts to break out. Consume fruits and vegetables in your diet and eat well-balanced meals. 

If you are still experiencing issues with your dry scalp, you should schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. It can be possible that you have a scalp condition that may need medication or special treatment.

Is your scalp experiencing the winter blues? How are you treating your dry and itchy scalp? Please share your tips with the curly community.

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