Our texture is most commonly confused and can be a tad misunderstood.

Naturally wavy hair is special. Though our texture patterns may not be as consistent as our curly and coily friends, once you learn to make the most of it, type 2 wavy hair is beautiful and so very unique! Sadly, our texture is most commonly confused and can be a tad misunderstood.

How can you be sure you are in wavy category? Let’s check out some characteristics…

Your hair appears to be curlier in the Summer and straighter in the winter–you can thank the summer humidity for that. Some wavy ladies (and gents!”> may find that in the middle of the cold, dry winter that hair nearly looks straight. Don’t worry, there are solutions below to help.

Your hair lies flat against the scalp with inconsistent “S” shaped curls

Have you ever picked out a clump of a perfectly defined section of your hair and wondered, why can’t my whole head look like this? Welcome to Wavy Land!

While some of your hair may be perfectly defined and frizz-free, other parts may appear droopy, floppy, and loose. Although wavy hair might not bounce the same way as curly and coily hair does, there are ways to really help define each wave.

Your hair pattern changes day after day

If you do not wash your hair daily, and especially if you throw your hair back into a ponytail while working out, you will probably notice, as the days go on, that your pattern feels like it’s getting looser. Super-defined Day one hair may wind up looking like the slightest of waves by Day six. The fun part of this characteristic is wavy hair’s versatility; achieve different looks without doing much at all!

Your hair may get weighed down easily

This depends on your actual wave type. Natural waves are broken down to sub categories of 2a, 2b, and 2c with type 2a hair having the ability to be weighed down with almost no product in it whereas some 2c types–raises my own hand–can be very dry and seem like it is unable to be weighed down even with the use of a richer masque and oil in a regimen.


I believe this to be one of the major challenges for those with wavy hair. Frizz may make the hair look undone and not cared for, even if you did style it and care for it that day. The right techniques and styling products can keep frizz to a minimum.

What can you do about it?

So you know and adore your Wavy Hair. Yay! But perhaps you are now wondering if there is anything you can do to encourage more curl definition? Why, of course there is.

Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch

And then scrunch some more. This technique is a wavie’s bestie when it comes to maximizing curl definition. After applying products to wet hair, cup your hair in sections at the ends then gently squeeze the section as you press upwards. Think of it like the motion of an accordion; repeat around your entire head until no more water is dripping.


Plopping your hair after styling and scrunching wet waves is an excellent way to encourage more curl definition while not disturbing the pattern you created while you finish getting ready in the morning. This step-by-step guide should help you get started on plopping.


Use a curl enhancing product. There are products out on the market now specifically designed to help encourage more curl definition in waves. Depending on your Wave type, you may or may not need to layer a gel over them. My absolute, holy grail favorite is Devacurl Wave Maker Touchable Texture Whip I haven’t found a product that helps define my waves the way this one has.

Shop wisely

Use cleanser and conditioner designed especially for wavy hair. Brands are finally recognizing us wavies as our own unique category. Raw Curls Organics Wavy S’Wavy CleanserConditioner, and Devacurl Delight Low-PooOne Condition Delight is made just for us! I have used and got excellent results with both of these brands. These specialized cocktails will help you achieve the right amount of hydration without your waves feeling weighed down. These wavy-specific lines also prep your texture with certain curl defining ingredients it needs. Shop our entire wavy collections here.


A lot of wavies I talk to love diffusing their hair, as they find that by doing so it makes the most of their definition and gives them the volume they desire. If you do so, use a heat protectant first. That way, the heat from the blow dryer does not damage your hair. A favorite of mine is the Briogeo Rosarco Blow Dry Protecting Crème.

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Sources: Curly Girl the Handbook Second Edition by Lorraine Massey and the NaturallyCurly Hair Typing page.

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