brazilian keratin treatment

Lori Kerrigan

NaturallyCurly VP of Sales Lori Kerrigan hates summer frizz, and wanted to know what her options were in terms of Brazilian keratin treatments.

It’s summer and I really want to change up my look, especially so I can look even hotter in my new sundresses. I decided to have a consult appointment with Ron Valdez of Estilio Valdez Salon to better understand the Brazilian Keratin Treatment (BKT”> by Marcia Teixeira. It was important for me to understand what benefits I would see this summer by doing a keratin treatment. With all the buzz in CurlTalk and the fact that several different types of keratin products are now on the market, I really wanted to get an assessment based on my hair type and my personal hair challenges.

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Ron Valdez noticed that while I have lots curl definition, my hair is also baby fine in texture. My NaturallyCurly hair type classification—I call myself a 2C—is important because hair type and texture are key factors for a good experience with Brazilian keratin treatment. During my consult visit, we both agreed that I may not be the best fit for the Original or Advanced formula from BKT.

My main goal was to keep some curls but reduce my frizz. Ron clearly noted that I am not a frizz head. I personally think that in 100 degree heat it gets frizzy but maybe not like others that live near a coast. Also, I am headed off to a 10-day vacation to Hawaii and salt water as well as chlorine are both not good factors for maintaining the treatment.

To get a deeper understanding on a stylist consult for keratin, watch this video and hopefully it helps you decide your own next step.

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