re-vamping a twist out
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It has happened to all of us before. We spent hours on shampooing, conditioning, and styling our hair, just for it to only last one day. We slept with scarves, satin pillowcases, and used every trick in the book, but the style just does not seem to last long. Our curl friend, queent_nae, asks us the following in Curly Q&A.


How do I revamp an old twist out after I’ve slept on it? If I sleep on a twist out with just a satin scarf on, I find my hairstyle to look old and matted. It is too much of a hassle for me to re-twist or re-braid my 4a hair every single night. So what would you recommend me doing to keep my curls looking fresh on the second day? Btw, pineappling does not work for my hair because my hair is not long enough for it.


Something that you should keep in mind while you are styling is to make sure you apply enough product and you use the right technique while styling your hair. Always remember that the way you set your hair will be reflected in your results. This is a key factor for long lasting hairstyles. For your twist outs, try making smaller sections, which will cause smaller twists. Also, try rodding the ends of your twists. These tips will allow your hair to have more definition and the curls will be tighter, helping it to last longer.

Option 1: Retwist

There are a few ways that you can preserve your hairstyle after your long styling session. Re-twisting is an option, however, you do not have to re-twist every night. You can overmanipulate your hair by doing that every night. Try re-twisting every 1-2 days. While re-twisting, spray your hair lightly with water and apply a small amount of product to the hair while re-twisting. This will allow the twist out to have more definition, which can cause it to last longer. 

Option 2: Satin pillowcase

Another option can be switching your satin scarf for a satin pillowcase. You mentioned that your hair will look old and matted. Are you sweating at night? Sweat can definitely play a role in your hairstyle not lasting. It can definitely cause the matting issue. It happens to all of us, including myself. Maybe the satin cap is causing you to sweat. The satin pillowcase can allow your hair to breathe and minimize sweating at night and also protecting your hair.

Option 3: Modify your pineapple

Lastly, I know you mentioned that pineapples do not work for your hair. But, have you looked at the modified ways to pineapple your hair? I thought the same exact thing and pineapple ponytails did not work for me. I realized that a singlepineapple ponytail did not preserve my curls. However, two ponytails (one in the front and the back”> work better and allow me to keep definition and stretch the roots of my hair. Check out this article on how to pineapple your hair, regardless of your length. Try using satin scrunchies to pineapple your hair to protect and preserve your curls.

NaturallyCury world weigh in, how do you revamp your twist out?

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