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Daily styling can be the bane of anyone’s existence. Very few enjoy devoting hours everyday before or after work to style their hair, and that not a club I want to join.  One of the main reasons women restyle their hair daily is an effort to combat frizz, and lizzyar_ from Curly Q&A wants to know what’s going on with her hair in her neck of the woods.


Why don’t my curls stay? My hair is thick, I don’t know my hair type (just know it’s pretty curly”>, and it’s usually very humid where I live.


There are multiple reasons why you have frizz or lose curl definition over time. Some things are out of your control while other things require a change in habits or techniques with these five reasons as the main variables.

High humidity + high dew points=frizz

When you live in a humid climate with high dew points, experiencing frizz is inevitable. NaturallyCurly is based in Austin and we rarely attempt to style our hair when summertime rolls around. Anything we do gets obliterated when we walk outdoors. Humid climates with high dew points cause the hair to expand outward in an attempt to absorb moisture, which is why many women are anti-humectants or anti-glycerin to reduce the effects of this behavior. Humectants attract moisture from the air, which is great for touchable curls but not the best for maintaining hold. You can try to use anti-humidity products but I assure you that Mother Nature will probably win if your weather is anything like Austin or Houston.

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Consider sealing your hair with an oil before applying a styler. This will help to lock moisture in your hair so your strands are not searching for it outdoors.

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You are not applying the right curl definers

Finding the perfect styler, especially for curl definition, takes time. I am incredibly picky. I prefer cream stylers with moisturizing properties, slip, and hold minus too much crunch, which are hard to come by. The tighter your curl pattern, the more likely your hair will respond better to gels and puddings and looser curl patterns respond better to creams and mousses. Remember to read the product packaging for a description of the holding strength and style recommendations.

You are not applying products to soaking wet hair

Styling products capture your natural curl, not create them. You want to apply your stylers to soaking wet hair in order for it to set in place as it dries. Applying product to damp or dry hair will still provide hold but it will not revive your curl definition. Hydrated, healthy hair is the best foundation for all great styles. Air-drying yields the best curl definition, so put down the dryer if you are using one and consider plopping.

You are manipulating your hair as it dries

I know our curls are irresistible, but you have to keep your fingers out of your hair. Hand in hair syndrome is the number one way to ruin a hairstyle Over time, your hair will incur frizz , so don’t kill your style longevity by playing in your hair.

Your hair is naturally frizzy

This is very possible, especially for tighter textures. Controlling frizz is one of our FAQ’s in Curly Q&A, and for the most part there are three reasons you experience frizz: genetics, damage (mechanical, thermal, and chemical”>, or dryness. If you are deep conditioning regularly, limiting or eliminating heat styling, sealing, and getting regular trims, then you may naturally have a fuzzy halo, and who doesn’t want volume? Embrace your fuzzy curls, coils, and waves and find other ways to style your hair is wash and go’s are not working for you.

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