You know you should not be cleansing your hair all of the time, but what do you do when your waves or curls were bouncy spirals on day one but by day two or three they’ve become stringy and limp? No, the answer is not wash your hair again. And do not feel forced into a top knot or a ponytail. Curly hair stylist Evan Joseph of Evan Joseph Salon in Ohio has two tricks for reviving your flattened curls.

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Why do my curls always fall wavy and some of them flat after two or more days? – MyWomenPower


This is common and not to worry about!  It’s just from sleeping and living in your curls.  Most curly girls need to wet down or refresh on the regular.

DIY refresher spray
  1. Make yourself a spray bottle full of a silicone free botanical conditioner + spring water.  
  2. Mix it the consistency of skim milk.  
  3. Use this to wet your hair back down and scrunch back up and let it dry again.  
Splash & scrunch

If your hair need a complete overhaul but not a cleanse:

  1. Fill your sink with water and conditioner.  
  2. Splash the water and conditioner up into your hair scrunching and squishing.
  3. Flip head over and scrunch with microbe towel and let dry again.

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