Being a mere living, breathing human being in the current state of our world is tough.

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To exist without apology can seem like a constant uphill battle for some. With regards to ever changing racial, cultural and environmental policies affecting – and destroying – unity as we know it, the need for building a loving, non-judgmental space for yourself can be challenging at best.

Think about the life you want to create for yourself and understand that you deserve all of that and more. You really do have the power. Decide what (or who) needs to be eliminated from your picture in order to complete the vision successfully. You only have one shot, so why waste time entertaining the things that don't really matter in the long run? For some, this can be a job. For others, it can be a relationship or a friendship.

Ask yourself:

What feels toxic?

How do I gracefully and peacefully bow out from its existence?

Tell yourself:

I can do this. My life is mine; I own it.

I am the only one who controls what can come into my sacred space that is my body, and my spirit.

While I cannot control what exits, I have to accept what is meant to be for my overall wellbeing.

The universe is constantly sorting it all out, and I should embrace the process. Only I choose what I allow.

Do this right now.

Take a deep breath. In fact, take a few. Don't rush -- I allow myself at least 15 to 20 minutes of meditation, or time to decompress, for every four hours of work that I do. The great thing is that it can be done anywhere, not just at home. If you work in a hectic office environment, go to the restroom and find the stall furthest away from all of the foot traffic. Standing with your feet firmly planted on the ground and your arms hanging on either side of your body, close your eyes gently. Keep your face relaxed, doing steady counts of 5 inhaling, then exhaling. Say it with me: radical self-care. It's magical.

If your air feels polluted, go outside and be near trees and flowers for a few minutes. Feel the breeze across your face. Relax the tension in your shoulders and face. Embrace the beauty that is the space you are currently in within your own mind. No outside source has the ability to deter you from everything you deserve. Once you believe this, it will ooze from your pores and your smile, and the rest of us will have no choice but to also believe that you are capable of owning your destiny. You are beyond powerful.

Hey, sis -- the NaturallyCurly team is here for you.

Need some affirmations to get you in the right direction? We all do. I gathered some from my colleagues; free to post them to social media, your vision board, or office space.

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