Chemotherapy is a pretty scary process, but it’s one of the only treatments currently known to fight and beat cancer. The side effects from chemo are pages long and range from minor skin irritation and hair loss to deadly infection. While chemo hair loss may actually be  a sign that the treatment is working, it’s still a difficult process to go through.

A chemo hair loss support group will introduce you to people just like you who are suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy. Chemo has emotional as well as physical consequences, and a support group can give you the TLC you need.

What Support Groups Can Do

When faced with the challenges of a cancer diagnosis, you and your loved ones may feel an overwhelming sensation of multiple emotions all at once. Support groups can help you feel less alone, learn coping techniques from peers and hear how they dealt with similar issues. A chemo support group also gives people an outlet to discuss embarrassing or difficult feelings.

[quote cite=”Expressing your feelings in an outlet like a support group is a form of catharsis and helps you accept what you can’t control.” align=”aligncenter”][/quote]

A positive outlook

A chemotherapy support group is an open environment to discuss experiences, including those with health care, family, friends and work. Problems with doctor’s advice, for instance, may be approached as a subject. Say a medical professional is giving you the same advice he gave to another patient, or perhaps he gives a generalized, vague answer to a question you have. This is the perfect thing to bring to a support group with individuals who have different perspectives and experiences as your own.

It’s okay to feel how you feel, your life validates that. But when things are difficult and you feel like there’s nowhere to turn, a support group can give you a positive outlook on a difficult situation. Expressing your feelings in a support group is a form of catharsis that can help you accept what you can’t control.

Support groups near you

Whether it’s support for something physical like chemo hair loss or something more emotional, there’s a chemo support group for every woman of every age. Several websites include a variety of different support groups including those for different types of cancer, as well as special classes on health, nutrition, or physical activity including yoga and meditation. For more information, visit the discussion boards.

Share your support group experiences with us and all the other curlies going through the chemotherapy process!

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