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Just because the news in today’s world seems to be filled with stories of unemployment due to layoffs, firings, and companies simply closing their doors, doesn’t mean that we curlies have to sit back and accept the status quo.

In today’s technological market, there are things that you can do, not only to enhance your income, but to enhance your lifestyle as well. Even if you are not technologically savvy, you can find freelance opportunities everywhere. It all depends upon what you love to do, or how you can parlay your current skills into a new endeavor.

Creative Career Crossovers

We know you are a curly-headed go-getter, so don’t let that unemployment check, or lack thereof, get you down. You have skills and you have talent. Now is the time to see where you can take the world, instead of where the world will take you.

  1. It’s all about words! So many people say, “I should write a book one day,” and hats off to those who actually do. Other people simply say that they wish they could sit at the beach and write for a living. Of course, this takes some training, not to mention focus, which is why many people think of writers and editors as possessing a degree. While it is true that a degreed writer or editor can make a fantastic living in the freelance world, a curly with not-so-much training can also succeed in this area. There are a number of companies that hire writers to write content for their websites. Your job is simply to write or edit to their specifications. While this does take some time and patience, when we curlies put our mind to something, it gets done, and it gets done well. Performing a simple search on the Internet and applying to several companies can land you the perfect gig to supplement any other income you might have coming in. In addition, the harder you work and the more focused you are, the more this will lead to a rewarding career that you will never want to give up. If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m saying that your dream life at the beach, writing for a living, is absolutely in your reach! A little research and dedication will get your toes in the sand sooner than you think.
Teacher offering student a lillipopAh, the sweet joys of being a teacher/nanny.

More Freelance Options!

  • Copy Editors
  • Copy Writers
  • Proofreaders
  • IT Maintenance
  • Web Developers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Analysts
  1. Teachers can live it up! The economy has been stripping our wallets dry and tearing at our heartstrings. The most recent escapade that has us worried for not only our home life, but also our family’s school life, is the laying off of teachers and the large class sizes that come along with that. However, teachers are just as savvy as we always thought they were! Many are taking their love of teaching and children to the domestic world, offering their nanny services along with personal, one-on-one teaching. If you have teaching skills, then, with the right attitude, you can parlay those skills in to a paycheck, and even a nice resume booster! Taking on one of these positions will allow you to teach and make great money. In fact, in some states, you may make more money than you would in a classroom full of children! Take that, state budget cuts!
  2. Become a mystery shopper. Most of us curlies have heard about companies that hire people to go into businesses and “observe” the customer service. But, like me, many of you have probably ignored those emails and marked them as spam. Heck, cleaning a possible virus off your computer costs money that you don’t have. However, the position is absolutely real, and the best news is that you do not have to pay anything to do it. The good people over at Volition will give you a free list of companies to which you can apply and begin making some extra cash right away.  As a mystery shopper, you will enter businesses and enjoy a shopping experience. When you are finished, you will go home and submit a report on your findings. This is a quick way to make a few dollars and obtain the possibility of getting some free clothes, free dinners, cocktails, merchandise, or even a much-needed hair cut for your curly locks.

About the Author

Kim Kirsch is the author of the book, “True Economics of a Single Parent,” in which she explains that anyone, with any skill set, can make money online. Her type 2 hair, and years of learning to control it, gives her the insight to put curly haired women on the path to success!

Final thoughts

Curlies, let us know what creative, new career ventures you have tried your hand at!

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