My name is Rocio Mora and I am based out of the beautiful city of New Orleans. I am a full time digital influencer and entrepreneur, as well as founder and content creator behind RisasRizos. I am Afro-Latina from my mother's side; I am half Honduran and half Mexican.
Rocio, Founder of RisasRizos

Photos courtesy of Denisse Benitez

How @RisasRizos started

I've always had my curls but I never quite knew how to style it or care for it. When I was introduced to a straightening iron in middle school, I'd straighten my hair as often as possible. I didn't think anything of my hair or particularly my curls until I lost my curls to heat damage. For me it was a "shock loss" rather than a gradual loss. Literally, I straightened my hair for one New Year's celebration, went to wash it the next day expecting it to curl again, and came out of the shower with my hair stick straight. I swore, someone did brujeria or voodoo on me! It was then that I did everything possible to get my curls back--and now, I fully embrace it.

I started my YouTube channel in the Fall of 2014. I had lost my curls to heat damage a little over a year before then but through lots of research and trial and error, I got my curls back and they were even healthier than before. I had several friends and family members ask me what I did to get my curls back and finally a friend of mine suggested that I just do a step-by-step tutorial on YouTube. After my first video, I had comments and subscribers from people I didn't know and at first I thought it was members of my family recreating accounts to make me feel better but sure enough, it wasn't! When I noticed that some of the questions that people had, I created answers based on personal experience along with new videos. That is basically how it started! 

Fast facts about me

  • My Holy Grail: SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie never fails me. 
  • My celeb inspiration: Gina Rodriguez. I just want to tell her how incredibly inspiring she is. She is kicking ASS as an actor, a leader, an activist... and she just so happens to be a woman and a Latina.
  • Most valuable lesson I've learned in my adult life: Prayer works... seriously, prayer can get you anywhere.
  • What keeps me from getting overwhelmed: 20-minute power naps during the day--and coffee to keep me up until 3 or 4 am when it's really necessary. Oh, and did I mention prayer?
It's one thing to have a conversation with your community about something that means a lot to you, but it's another thing to have in person and in-depth discussions with people who can relate to you.
Rocio, Founder of RisasRizos

There are times where one might feel alone, not knowing that others can relate to or understand what they are going through (like hair), but knowing that there is a community out there filled with people who get you makes being a part of the community so much greater! hugs!

Rocio is going on tour with Ada Rojas (@allthingsada)!

Rizos on the Road is the most anticipated natural hair tour of 2017, giving the curl community across the country an opportunity to meet Rocio of RisasRizos and Ada of All Things Ada while celebrating hair. Style tips, hair demos and curl talk will be the highlight of the tour in 6 different cities across the US including Miami, New Orleans, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City.

Click here to RSVP... it's gonna be a good time!

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