Priscilla Sodeke

The other day I was hanging out on Twitter, just checking out what other people are saying under the topic of being curly, when I stumbled upon this trending phrase: "Curly hair, don't care."

Being a bit of a newbie to the NaturallyCurly community, I'm wondering where the phrase came from and what exactly does it mean? Is it a positive expression, or could it somehow have a negative connotation? Is it the kind of movement or motto that I might soon see printed on T-shirts and bumper stickers?

Some of the tweets I saw were accompanied by smiling curly, coily or wavy pictures of the tweeters. "Curly hair, don't care" seems to have become like a motto for these naturally textured women on Twitter who are proudly embracing their texture. For them, perhaps, it is a motto that excepts the challenge of wearing hair naturally curly, coily or wavy. Maybe part of the way they embrace their textured hair is about not caring if others are against their choice, or maybe not caring too much if it rains or if your curls shrink.

Others seemed to use the phrase to express an attitude which doesn't seem entirely negative, but does equate wearing your natural texture to being lazy or low-maintenance and laid back. Such an interpretation could be offensive to some curlies who are very serious about taking care of their textured tresses, or even find taking care of their curly hair to be anything but low maintenance.

Maybe there isn't just one of two answers to my question about “Curly hair, don't care.” It seems to mean various things to people of both similar and different hair textures. But, as a newbie, I wanted to reach out and get the opinion of my fellow community.

What does “Curly hair, don't care” mean to you? Do you think it is a positive or negative reinforcement for the textured hair community as a whole?