Exercise for Breast Cancer Awareness

2011-10-24 11:15:49

Exercise for Breast Cancer Awareness

Get active and support breast cancer survivors with these great fitness events.


A wonderful part of healing from the ravages that breast cancer has brought to you and your family’s lives is giving back to the organizations that devote time, money and energy to breast cancer research and support. Communities, churches, schools and individuals across the country and the world donate their time to world-wide causes as well as local events to raise awareness and money. On top of that, many breast cancer awareness fundraisers involve exercise – which is the perfect way for you and your family to get back to your healthy lifestyle!

National Programs

  1. Race for the Cure. Organized by the Susan G. Komen Foundation, this event turned 28 in 2011, and is one of the largest group efforts to raise money and awareness for breast cancer in the nation. This 5k run/walk is held in cities throughout the world at different times throughout the year. More than a million participants, sponsored by individuals and businesses, come together to celebrate survivorship and honor those lost to the disease.
  2. The 3-Day. At the outset, this event sounds grueling, but the 3-day, 60-mile walk turns into a celebration of the lives saved through breast cancer research and treatment, and a tribute to victims and their brave fight against the disease. The Komen Foundation provides support on their website for participants to organize groups and/or sponsorship of their participation.

Each program, no matter on how small or large in scale, which incorporates exercise and personal achievement, helps individuals and families heal from this terrible disease.

  1. Pilates for Pink. September 2011 marked the 6th anniversary of Shape Magazine’s Pilates for Pink event in collaboration with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Participants pay $25 to take a 45-minute pilates class and get plenty of pink pilates swag, including a mat and gym bag filled with sponsors’ sample products and coupons. On-site sports nutrition and fitness companies provide free sample products, gait analysis, and manicures. If you can’t make it to the main event in New York, you can hold your own local event by contacting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
  2. Y-Me.Org Events. Each Mother’s Day the Y-Me organization sponsors races and walks throughout major U.S. cities to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Participants can walk, run or even ride during the event, which in the past has been known as “Walk to Empower” and “Race at Your Pace.”

Start Your Own Event

Each of the organizations provide tips on their websites to help you in setting up your own local event. Whether you want to hold a bike event with a mileage goal over a few days or marathon hula hooping contest, these organizations have tips and tricks to get maximum participation as well as maximum sponsorship to raise money for the cause.

Want More?

You don't have to be a runner, or walker, to give back to the cause!Check out these curly hair products that are giving back this month, and find out how you can help!

Final Thoughts

Individuals have also been known to set an individual goal by walking across the country and even scaling Mount Everest with sponsorship. Each program, no matter on how small or large in scale, which incorporates exercise and personal achievement, helps individuals and families heal from this terrible disease.

What have YOU done for breast cancer awareness this October?

Gloria Attar RN

Gloria Attar RN