I want my children to see me creating my own path, being my authentic self, living around the world, living through my heart.
Diauni, Colombia

Bueno! My name is Diauni, and I am currently living in Envigado, Colombia.

I am an alchemist. I prefer not to be called a healer, rather, I am a catalyst for healing and empowering people to live heart-based lives. I guide those in need of spiritual cleansing, healing, and connection, to light, back to themselves. My business is called @theheartdoula. My vision is one of vibrant, abundant, and honest lives that stem from heart consciousness. I aim to provide support in the creation of a life that synchronizes with the heart space utilizing a holistic approach: psychology, spirit work, and tangible goal setting. It has given me such immense joy to witness those I have helped actually doing the work to make their dreams, their realities. I am deeply grateful to have helped so many people.

The key: self-healing.

My desire to work with spirit came through an almost suicide attempt. I was in school studying psychology, simultaneously studying myself. I was aware of the ways in which the brain maneuvered, how trauma manifested itself, how neurons connected and fired, how different areas of the brain were triggered in survival situations, how environment affected the ways in which we learned, how we desperately needed to relate to other humans, how we found and solidified motivation. I took all of this information and constantly self-applied, until I realized everything occurring physically, had to be occurring on a deeper, spiritual level. In the midst of all of these processes and epiphanies, I began to meditate, as a coping mechanism for all of the stress and anxiety I was experiencing, and consequently, I realized I could talk to spirit. Through clairaudient channeling is how I do my work, for myself and my clients. Years of soul work and psychology, led me to the understanding that this is my heart's calling, my purpose in this lifetime.

Being a mother has brought extreme precision and clarity to the ways in which I decide to live my life.

It has completely altered my values. I used to believe that a full time job and a higher education was the solution, until I began to see constant struggle, even from those with accolades, and that struggle wasn't always necessarily physical, but spiritual. There seemed to be an unspoken prerequisite, that in turn for these supreme awards of the world, there must be a blindness to alternate realms of this reality. I could not bring myself to trade. Although humanity's suffering is vast and complicated, we do not have to choose to participate in this conditioned way of being. I want my children to see me creating my own path, being my authentic self, living around the world, living through my heart. I want them to truly know and trust themselves, to always follow their hearts, to know that this world is theirs, to know that they are free.

Oh. I always knew I was different from others.

I was an extremely sensitive child, but I really knew once I was in college. I began to crave complete isolation. I would retreat to my room to do rituals and ceremonies, when I was supposed to be in class or at work. I would have panic attacks in my car. I knew that was spirit guiding me, saying, "This isn't where you are supposed to be." I kept a lot of my writing private. I didn't talk in depth with my family because they didn't believe in God. When I tried to talk to friends, they didn't seem to understand. I was on a whole other wave. I did have an online community on Twitter, with whom I could confide and who I learned a lot from. I'm grateful for that tumultuous time. I learned a whole lot about who and what I am.

Beauty is befriending your heart.
Diauni, Colombia

When I lived in this isolated reality, I was free to create, come and go, and be who I pleased. I could be in denial about what I wanted. I could take accountability for what I chose. I could be selfish and uncompromising. Once I got into a relationship and had a child, the darkness really began to surface. I realized that all of my faults needed to be understood and worked through if I wanted my family to thrive. I need to be accountable for how I feel, what I think, what I say, and how I choose to behave at all times. I need to listen to my heart and know that I can do anything I say.

Know that you are the creator.

You create, define, and give life to every single thing in your reality. Self-imposed limitations are merely a form of victimization. Take back your power. The universe is a sea. It will move for you. Start doing magic! Get into ritual work! Once you begin to believe in your magic, you will begin to believe in yourself, and your self is divinely guided and sacred. All you have to do is tap in.

The universe is a sea. It will move for you.
Diauni, Colombia

Beauty is in the heart. Did you know that your heart literally has an electromagnetic field around it? Your heart is a magnet. It attracts the vibration that lives there. Beauty is befriending your heart. It's recognizing your heart's voice. It's walking in your heart's calling. It's aligning with your heart's desires. When I see people doing this, changing the world with passion and love, I swoon. It's absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. Being the end all, be all creator and bowing in service to your heart, is beauty.

"I am that I am."

This is the most powerful choice of words one can use. It solidifies to the universe an all-encompassing vessel. Every morning, I recite affirmations in alignment with my heart and for my highest good. They truly keep me grounded, sane, loving, and out of survival mode. Because even when we have little, we are truly abundant. Focusing on -- and being grateful for -- what we have, brings more of it and makes space for expansion.

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