Photo Credit Ali Stone of Thosewhitewalls

I transitioned to natural beginning in 2009. I will admit that at first, I didn't think it would be a big deal to me. I figured it’s only hair right? Growing up, I thought that my hair had to be worn in a particular style for it to be presentable. I always straightened my hair because I was told that it would look unkempt any other way. Until I decided to transition, I didn’t even know that I had other options after receiving a relaxer.  I feel that natural hair isn't just trend or a style that comes and goes, it's part of my lifestyle. I never thought that certain things in my life would change as a result of going natural, but many things have.

As I began my journey, I realized that it is much more than just having natural hair. I started to learn to love my hair the way it grows out of my head and that's curly. Being natural taught me to love my appearance and that I didn't need to wear my hair a certain way to please others. My lifestyle began to change how I felt and who I was becoming. Natural hair is way more than just products and different hairstyles it’s my lifestyle.

Lifestyle Changes: Healthy Eating

Since going natural, I noticed that I started to change certain things in my lifestyle.  I began to be conscious about what I put on my hair and body. I began to eat less processed foods and I started to drink more water as well. I began to incorporate healthier food choices. I also increased fruit and vegetable intake. I wanted to have an overall healthier lifestyle. My goal this year is to get into the gym more. I am not a gym or fitness person by any means, but I want to stay in shape.

Hair Products

I began to look at what products I use on my hair. Many of the products that I use have minimal or no harsh chemicals in them. I tend to use products with ingredients that I am familiar with and that help to promote healthy hair.


When you go natural, you begin to notice that you spend much more time learning about your hair and taking care of it. Natural hair requires you to spend a lot more time caring for and learning your hair’s needs. This includes time spent preparing your hair for a wash day, detangling, washing, deep conditioning and also styling your hair.

My Routine

You will begin to notice that you develop a routine to care for your hair. For me, my regimen is consistent. I wash my hair weekly and make sure that I also practice my nightly  routine. Being natural, you have to set aside time to take care of your hair. I love my natural hair and it is a part of me.

Do you feel that your natural hair is part of your lifestyle?