Beautiful hair isn't just about what goes on your hair.

"Healthy hair is a reflection of the internal environment," says Sondra Jimmerson, director of marketing for Fabric Naturals, a line of supplements and holistic hair-care products for ethnic hair that celebrates its 1-year anniversary this month. "We're one of the few hair-care lines that incorporates lifestyle."

Fabric Naturals evolved out of a holistic and integrative medicine consulting company, which provides patients and practitioners with approaches to wellness. They drew on their knowledge of herbs and Oriental and Ayurvedic medicine to create a scalp elixir.

"People loved it so much that we decided to formulate a line," Jimmerson says. "We decided to reinvent the hair-care industry."

The line includes eight products: Phyto-Gro Hair Butter, Inner Cleanse Hair Tonic, Optimal Hair Nourish, Biobreath Scalp Elixir, Vitanutrient Plant Shampoo, Carbohydrate Conditioner, Ginseng Scalp Facial and Complete Restore. Each product is based on natural medicine. Other products are in the works.

Sondra Jimmerson

Some Do's and Don'ts from Fabric Naturals

  • If you're cleansing, wash your hair when it's loosely braided. It provides easy access to the scalp and prevents it from getting matted or knotted.
  • Make sure you use a good hair strengthener with ingredients like phytokeratin and panthenol. Textured hair tends to be more fragile.
  • Use products with sunscreens, such as Fabric Naturals Complete Restore. The sun's UV rays penetrate the hair and breaks the sulfur bonds.
  • Support products that are sustainable and that support a healthy environment -- for the earth and for your body.

All products in the line are free of sulfates, parabens, alcohols and silicones. Many of the ingredients are certified organic.

Jimmerson isn't just the company's marketer. She started as a customer.

"I was relaxing and coloring, and my hair was beginning to thin out," says Jimmerson, who went natural a year and a half ago. "I found that these were the only products that didn't weigh the hair down. The line definitely gives me what I want in terms of keeping it healthy."

The company's holistic approach to beauty can be found on its web site, where customers can find information on variety of health and wellness topics, whether it be foods rich in vitamins or effective skin-care regimens.

Fabric Naturals gets its name from the parallels between fabric and people.

"We are different textures, tones, colors, fibers," Jimmerson says. "We have different qualities and structures, all of which require different care -- a basis of holistic medicine."