From time to time we want more information on products and techniques for our natural hair. For a lot of type 4 curlies, the transition to natural has been a long journey. Or maybe you have always been natural and now just want some great information concerning styles. Curlies have personalities that light up a room whenever they enter, and reading up on some of these blogs that we at NaturallyCurly love can offer more than just opinions on hair.

Newly Natural

Offering a fantastic line-up of styles, products, all things natural; blog offers some of the most insightful and inspirational writing that you can find; especially if you are looking for something a little different. In fact you can spend a great amount of time perusing this site and chances are, you will find the answers to your natural hair questions.

This blog contains product information on what their favorites are in an extremely detailed manner. And we can’t forget the styles. Natural hair has a vast amount of great styles to check out and Newly Natural will help those making the transition learn how to do them and when to wear them, because after all, not every style is good for every occasion.


If you are into a blog that offers some fantastic advice on henna as well as some outstanding photographs then head over to see what has to offer. The attention to detail and the many things to do at her blog site makes this one of our favorites.

Nikki will take you from just beginning your natural journey to all of the latest products, styles, and fashions to go along with it. Natural hair is something to behold, that is for sure, and with people who have gone through all the ups and downs of the transition guiding you, there is no way that you can go wrong.

In addition to offering one of the greatest blogs out there, Nikki also offers a forum where you can get in on the action to ask questions and maybe even answer a few along the way.

K is for Kinky

Whenever a website offers more than just the expected you will definitely want to bookmark it. Natural hair is more than just kinky or curly hair; it’s a lifestyle. In fact, will bring you news, clothing styles, make-up fashions and all things beautiful.

K is for Kinky will bring you daily inspirations and help you with your transition as well. You will also find music at this site to keep you entertained while you spend hours reading up on all that your natural hair and your fun personality can offer.

Final Thoughts

There are so many blogs on the Internet and sometimes it is rather difficult to find the right ones. We all want the best information that is available. The blogs listed above are a great place to start.

Which natural hair blogs do you like to follow?