Each fall, thousands of women decide to go through sorority recruitment. Recruitment can be a grueling, stressful and exhausting time in a young woman’s life. However, knowing what style dos and don’ts to apply during the week’s activities will give you an advantage against others vying for their spot, or at least keep you cool in the fading summer’s heat.

Greek organizations offer leadership development and life-long friendships as well as authority on campus. We all know you want in, so get ready, get set, and get sassy! Dress to impress, ladies.

Style Dos for Sorority Recruitment

It’s important to know that sorority houses want you to dress up as you would for any other formal event, but they don’t want you to go over the top. Choose an outfit that flatters your figure, is comfortable and shows off your personality. And be sure to choose the right hairstyle for the occasion.

Comfort is esstential during recruitment since you will likely be standing for hours on end and/or walking from house to house in the middle of the day. Bring along a large purse and stash flip-flops inside to keep your feet blister-free. Purses are usually not allowed in house anyway, so none of the girl inside will know about your smart secret (and chances are, they did the same!).

A statement piece of jewelry will also help you to stand out and to start conversation. Always plan your outfits the night before, try them on and walk around to ensure your comfort. If you’re not comfortable, you won’t be at your best.

Ultimately, the best outfits are often the simplest with some statement accessories thrown in. The best look often is often the one with the least amount of effort, so stop worrying and get dressed!

Style Don’ts for Sorority Recruitment

While many sororities want girls who aren’t afraid to stand-up for their chapter and sisters, trying too hard is a big don’t. This means that dressing yourself in sorority clichés, especially before you are recruited in to any individual chapter, is a no-no.

Pearls, hair bows, a hair poof or red lipstick all are great style techniques, but a fashion don’t when done together. Decide what defines your personal style and rock that, instead. Sorority sisters will be able to determine who is genuine and who carries themselves most confidently in their own skin. Besides, if a particular house doesn’t like your style, you already know you wouldn’t be a good fit. One down!

Avoid wearing too much jewelry. Remember that during sorority recruitment, you will be shaking hands with many different sorority sisters. Too much clunky jewelry can be both uncomfortable and distracting.

Lastly, don’t wear overly provocative clothing since it can be distracting and may label you as someone a sorority just isn’t looking for. Particular chapters pride themselves on philanthropy and being positive and role model citizens. Provocative clothing, just as at a formal event, can often give the wrong impression from the get-go.

Quick Sorority Recruitment Tips

While accessories ultimately make an outfit, too many can be distracting and a turn-off. Choose one accessory that stands out, but isn’t too flashy.

For shoes, avoid uncomfortable heels since many recruitment activities require you to walk.

Most importantly, bring a purse that allows you to stock up on re-touching products. Some necessities for recruitment week include a mirror, oil-blotting papers (face it, we sweat when we’re nervous), deodorant, lip-gloss and mints.

Ultimately, staying true to one’s self is the most important accessory for a sorority recruitment outfit. Sorority houses pride themselves on finding women that are trendy and beautiful, but without much effort.