Four curly haired-women

Through the eyes of the unfamiliar, this unofficial natural hair movement can appear to be vain or even political, but it is far more complex than that. Every woman’s reason to big chop or transition varies due to health, aesthetics, convenience, lifestyle and a multitude of other reasons. I can understand how a swarm of women cutting off their hair can look like a trend, but the connotation of a trend seems to undermine the bigger picture of a decision that is significant and seems to be final.

Building a Community

An element of the natural hair revolution that is undoubtedly true is that the nuance of camaraderie amongst women pushing for a common goal has broken so many barriers and strongholds. Because this popular niche is continuously gaining recognition, more women are coming to understand just how diverse the group is within itself. Many women are professionals, mothers and students who live completely different lifestyles but ultimately all desire healthy hair. The misconception that rocking natural hair is more difficult is being refuted, and as a result, more women are embracing their natural tresses. As women begin to fellowship, learn, decipher, and apply certain methods and products to their hair, on their own terms, they have begun to see that maintaining and styling natural hair doesn't have to be laborious after all. The statement that you make time for what you want stands true in respects to maintenance, but this applies to all hair, chemically treated or not.

Four women with naturally curly hair

Taking Curly Mainstream

Many women are starting their hair care journey as natural. They are not transitioning from maintaining healthy relaxed hair to healthy natural hair. Learning how to apply a wealth of information about natural hair care is challenging due to a lack of familiarity with their own natural hair. The mere introduction to the plethora of information that is available about hair care may be overwhelming, but it is very helpful in identifying what works for your lifestyle and needs. This growing awareness is spreading so fast that hair care companies are seeking to cater to this new audience that appears to be transitioning from the minority to a majority, especially in consumer consumption.

I say all of this to get to this final point: the day that taking care of your hair in its natural state is no longer a foreign concept will be awesome. You know? When I realize that it’s been a minute since someone asked “why is it that Beyonce’s hair is straight and yours looks like that?” insert side eye and thinking in the back of my head “if they only knew.”

As more people come to understand the essence of what is being achieved with this movement, they will begin to realize that women with textured hair are only trying to redefine their different as normal. Everyone who decides to “go natural” is not necessarily doing it with the intentions of making a statement, but inadvertently they are sending a message to the rest of the world. Women are altering and reclaiming their unfamiliar as normal.

Four women with naturally curly hair

When Natural Becomes Normal

The day when moisturizing and sealing will not be considered “too much” and deep conditioning is not considered any more time consuming than getting a relaxer will be amazing simply because it will be normal. To those oblivious to natural hair care, reading this article may have you thinking “You don’t know how to wash and comb your hair?” Quite frankly, no. Everyone’s story is different, and they probably all share similar elements, but ultimately, the answer is no. Have I put a comb through my hair before today? Yes. Properly? Probably not.

Not everyone remembers the who, what, when, where, how and why of this huge misunderstanding of curly hair, but somewhere along the timeline of birth until the start of their hair care journey many consciously or subconsciously understood their hair to be too unmanageable, unattractive and unprofessional. To say the root of the misconceptions are neither here nor there is very false but learning and acceptance always take time, whether it’s for yourself or sharing information and testimonies with others. The greatest subliminal efforts of this movement are the small elements that are transforming natural hair to becoming normal.

Every contribution of this normalization process is important. In Jill Scott’s new music video “Blessed” she wakes up in the morning and spritzes her hair with Ouidad Botanical Boost spray. To a little girl watching the video, waking up and refreshing her hair before starting on her day will be a simple element in her morning regimen before school. To some, Jill Scott appears to be an unofficial advocate of natural hair, and I wouldn’t doubt her support, having worn her hair natural for years, but somehow every natural has become one.


By no means am I saying that you shouldn't reach back and help others but those who have come down from the excitement of being newly natural are ready for natural hair to just be normal. Do they understand the thirst of curiosity? Of course, but the constant preaching, teaching, and defending is a lesson of patience that many did not prepare for but none the less they must be equipped to do. People will always agree to disagree on hair care and style. Will the masses ever understand? Who knows and ultimately this movements screams “who cares?”

Jill Scott - Blessed

Final Thoughts

Many women are willing to be patient in this normalization process to assure that the upcoming generations will no longer consider wearing their hair natural to be a second class option to relaxers and weaves. It will be normal.