We all have busy schedules. We’re always on the go and take on too many tasks at once, which can lead to exhaustion. Without proper care, we tend to find ourselves burned out. This cycle would happen to me often until I realized I did not want to feel this way any longer. I knew that I had to improve my wellness, so I could be a healthier version of myself.

What is wellness to me?

Wellness is maintaining a healthy balance in my mind, body, and spiritual journey. With trial and error, I discovered how to incorporate this nourishing lifestyle and it has been remarkable since.

I was introduced to wellness during my senior year of college in 2013. I was a full-time student, part-time employee, and an intern. I had a huge workload, but I was determined to finish my final year strong. During my last semester, I was sick with a cold and I had to rest in bed for an entire week. I was not able to attend my classes, work, or a celebration for one of my best friends. I was devastated that I had to rest and I honestly did not know how to. My body showed me signs prior to take better care of myself but I did not listen. I was too occupied with working and studying for mid-terms. That was a learning lesson for me and I knew that I had to take better care of myself.  I was determined to include wellness in my daily lifestyle, so I could be healthier internally and externally. I noticed that I would feel my absolute best when there was balance in my mind, body, and spiritual journey. There were periods in my life when I was physically healthy, eating nutritious foods and exercising daily. However, I would notice that I was not as balanced emotionally or mentally. There were also periods when I was mentally and emotionally balanced, but I did not exercise as often which lead to weight gain. At times, we tend to focus on one aspect of wellness and forget we need to balance. Once I learned the importance of balance and taking a holistic approach to wellness, I noticed an overall improvement of my health. As a self-love enthusiast, I make sure I schedule time for self-care, which allows for me to balance my aspects of wellness. I enjoy cooking and creating healthy, delicious meals to maintain a healthy body. Exercise is incorporated in my daily schedule, because it allows me to clear my thoughts and release stress. I practice my spirituality daily by meditating and interacting with nature. Spending time with loved ones and myself keeps me emotionally balanced. I will spend an evening at my family’s house, schedule brunch dates with my best friends, and indulge in beauty sessions with myself. 

Is wellness important to you? How do you incorporate wellness in your life? Please share with the curly community.