Men's hairstyles this spring will feature textured hair, say the experts

Volume Shampoo Treatments

Volume shampoo treatments can boost thinning hair

“For nighttime looks, we suggest forming cream and texture paste,” says Kossof. “You need two to three inches to create texture, and for that length, I like Milbon Prejume Styling Wax—3, 5 and 7—for light, medium or firm hold.”

To allow maximum texture play, Kossof offers two smart services that add the X factor and anchor men to his salon.

Volume Shampoo Treatments. For men who have thinning hair, which can limit options, Kossof creates immediate texture by adding perm solution to his shampoo. The basic ratio is 4 parts water to one part perm solution, then the mixture is added to the shampoo. “Distribute it evenly and leave it on for about 10 minutes,” he says. “Base timing on the hair’s strength, porosity, length and the desired results, and keep all your chemical steps in mind: protect the hairline, base the scalp and so forth.”

Keratin Blow Out. Address the opposite texture challenge—think the Seinfeld show's Kramer—by offering men with unruly texture a curl-controlling Keratin Express treatment at the backbar. Apply with a bowl and brush, place the client under the dryer for 15-20 minutes, then perform the cut with the product still in the hair. (There’s no shampooing for 8 hours.) “With zero flat ironing, you get a 20-30-percent texture reduction,” says Kossof. Don’t forget the Keratin Rx retail companion, which can also be used to give men a temporary taste of texture reduction—it’s best for medium to longer hair.”

Kossof stresses that any good-looking man’s style starts at the root with scalp care, and he recommends Rene Furterer Complexe 5 to his clients. “We offer the first scalp treatment gratis, which is the best way to introduce it. Proper hair care should be a priority investment for men.”

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