Is washing your hair every day the only way to manage your curls?

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Dear Oudiad: I was reading your Q&A on and you answered one of the girls saying that she should not wash her hair every day because it dries it out. My problem is that I use gel, mousse and hair spray—all TRESemme products—to style my hair, otherwise the volume gets out of control. Usually I wash it to get the products out and so that I can do anything with it. Otherwise it's unmanageable.

My hair is Type 3b, mid-back length. The curls are very defined and bouncy; it's not very thick but I do have an obscene amount of hair. I don't have dry hair, except for the ends, but that is usually normal especially around the time I'm due for a haircut. I can only brush it wet. Otherwise it will straighten out my curls, and I'll look like I'm ready for Halloween! I really don't know what to do.

If I didn't wash my hair every day, I'd have to wear it in a ponytail. But I love wearing my hair down! I want to know how I can do that without washing it every day. Also does it damage your hair to leave gel, mousse and hair spray in your hair overnight?

Dear Unmanageable: It’s important to use water-soluble products that will not leave product build up and are easily washed out. Try a lightweight refreshing conditioning spray made for curly hair to define curls on the day after washing. You can also wet your hair and try co-washing with specially formulated curly hair conditioner on the ends to keep your curls looking fresh without having to shampoo every day.


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Does anyone know of a cheap yet moisturizing conditioner that is silicone free? I am using Tresemme Naturals that is silicone free but it makes my hair feel sticky if I leave it in....

I know you shouldn't but i just straigten mt hair on the day i don't wash it! Probably not the best for my hair but it really works :D

To refresh on the second day, I generously wet my hair with water using a spray bottle and comb it through (or finger comb it). Not sure that will work well with hairspray though.