Cara is a NaturallyCurly Graphic Designer with 2c wavy hair. She washes her hair on Sundays and prefers to co-wash on Wednesdays. Like most wavies, her biggest hair struggle is keeping her waves volumunious, but with a little help from these Editors’ Choice Products, here’s how she keeps them looking full & fabulous!


Wash Routine

Virtue Pink Shampoo and Conditioner

The Virtue Smooth line makes her hair super soft and shiny. She didn’t know what to do with her hair the first time that she used the line because her wash and go dried so soft that it was kind of flat. But once she diffused her hair and did her clip tricks she got volume!

Carmella Marie Deep Conditioner

This conditioner is something you could accidentally eat. It looks like a pink smoothie and has a whipped texture. It makes her hair feel soft and hydrated. Cara prefers to deep condition with this about every other week and uses a shower cap for about five minutes.


Styling Routine

Treluxe leave-in

Even though Cara doesn’t usually like fruity smells for lotions and hair products, she loves this leave-in because it smells like fresh apple pie. I mean, who doesn’t love the smell of apple pie? She applies this on her soaking wet hair, then scrunches.

Salon Pro Exclusives Twin Olive Maximum Hold Gel

Cara doesn’t always use gels, but she says this one works really well! She rakes it through her waves, scrunches and then wraps her hair with a towel.

AG rosehip balm

Being that Cara has the designer eye, this package stood out to her! I mean who else gravitated towards a product simply because of cute packaging? She uses this when diffusing to help protect her hair against the heat. Tip: Once hair is towel dry , scrunch this into hair and diffuse upside down.

Vitabrid hair tonic

It takes a couple on seconds to kick in, but it cools and soothes, while possibly adding some volume. Apply this after diffusing.



Curly Hair Solutions H20 Water Bottle

She not only uses this water bottle to refresh her hair, but also water her plants. When she gets up in the morning, she mists her head all over, then puts in a little spray on leave-in. Since the front of her hair doesn’t hold its curl as well as the back, she takes the front two sections of half of her hair and creates little space buns with a clip. Then, takes them down later in the day, shakes them out and she’s off!

Balanced Guru scalp oils

All of the Balanced Guru oils smell great, and they make her scalp feel nice. She applies this oil to her scalp once a week.

Eva NYC volume powder

When Cara’s hair is getting a little flat later on in the week, this is her go-to! She applies a little powder onto her roots and shakes it to add volume.



Reshma turmeric soap

Tumeric has been a trendy ingredient found is several beauty products lately. Cara loves collecting soaps and she likes this one because it has a subtle smell and makes her feel clean.

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen

Being that Cara has very fair skin, sunscreen is one of her essential life necessities. She likes this suncreen because it’s clear—it goes on like a gel, very soft and luxurious!

Do you have Type 2c hair? Let us know what your holy grails are in the comments so other 2c’s can learn from you!

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