Okay y’all, I admit it.

I might have spent more money and time on picking out my new box braid hair (think pastels, and stay tuned for pictures) than I did on deep conditioning and the hot oil pre-poo I SWEAR I planned on doing a few weekends ago, and I may or may not be paying for it right now.

In my defense, I've been going out more often, and I’m making travel plans, and I'm not trying to fuss with the potential nuclear reaction I know I’ll have if the twistout isn’t 100% perfect in every concert photo shot.

It'll be pretty much this:

An angry Beyonce struggling with the police
Beyonce/ Sony Music Studios

Followed by this:

A crying Beyonce on the phone
Beyonce/Sony Music Studios

Except maybe about 5% less glamourous. 10% tops. And I blame the compulsion to keep up a professional social media presence on that one. But in my hair’s defense...I kind of failed it.

Getting out and about more often as it gets warmer isn’t uncommon—after all, leaving the house past a certain temperature threshold isn’t for everyone. Shoutout to all our winter sports lovers in the house, you’re all on a different level than I am. But what is common is a ‘set it then forget it’ mentality we might have towards our hair when it comes to making plans.

Have you been mayyyyyyybe thinking of styles in terms of how easily they’ll fit into your fun-packed schedule instead of what’s best? Are you perhaps putting off the little extras in order to make the most of a weekend? Is the creeping sensation of guilt starting to set in along with all that product build up as you continue to read?

No worries. No, really!

It doesn’t mean you’re a neglectful curl-parent, and it doesn’t mean you need to get sheared for spring either (not that the close-cropped look can’t be FIRE). Maintenance can still be convenient with all the other running around you have to do, especially when around the way places like Rite-Aid are starting to hear our voices and stocking curl-friendly products en masse.

It’s even easier when you can WIN great maintenance products from us here and now!

Starting today through the first of June, one lucky curlfriend is going to win big EVERY DAY, and we’re sectioning off these great product suites for you to win big each step of the way in May.

From right now, through the the 13th, you can receive the Coconut Restore Suite, worth $48, including:

  • Coconut Restore Curl Control Leave-in Conditioner
  • Coconut Restore Daily Strengthening Conditioner
  • Coconut Restore Moisture Replenishing Shampoo
  • Coconut Restore Styling & Setting Gelee
  • Coconut Restore Revitalizing Whipped Coconut Oil
  • Coconut Restore Keratin Intensive Repair Mask

From the 14th through the 24th, winners will receive a $35 ORS Monoi Oil product bundle with:

  • (New!) Curl Perfecting Smoothie Crème
  • Oil Fusion
  • Edge Control Hair Gel
  • Leave In Conditioning Crème

Last but not least, from the 25th through the 1st of next month, ten lucky curlies will get this Creme of Nature with Argan Oil prize package, a $30 value:

  • Pudding Perfection
  • Twirling Custard
  • Butterlicious Curls

This is how we Mane~Tain.

For everyone that feels lucky, click through to enter!

But if you can’t wait, roll by your nearest Rite Aid, for more of a “rite here, rite now” approach to keeping your curls straight this spring (puns very much intended)!

What do you think, curlies? Do you have some 'splaining to do with your strands? Let us know how you'd make it up!