This Mielle Organics Brazilian Curl Cream has been a NaturallyCurly fave when it comes to 3c/4a hair stylers, and the community even voted it as a Best of the Best Winner of 2017. The general consensus behind this product is that it has great hold, curl definition, and moisturizing effects, but how would it perform on my curl and density?

I tried it out, and I believe we have a gem on our hands.

I was super excited to use this product, as others in the Mielle line have worked really well for me, notably their leave-in conditioners and twist creams. This company does a really great job of creating products that work for multiple hair types, so I wasn't worried at all about whether it would be good or not. What I was worried about, was how it would perform over multiple days for a lasting style.

Mielle Organics Product Shot

In its key ingredients roster, Mielle features not just one but 4 oils, each with distinct functions. Babassu oil forms a protective coating around the hair strand, while murumuru oil works to fight frizz by specifically penetrating the hair strand and inserting moisture into the shaft. Buriti oil is a new one for me, but it is a more calming oil focused on smoothing, and copaiba oil is an antibacterial agent.

With this myriad of ingredients, you would think the consistency would be that of a liquid, but it's actually a thick cream. I will admit I was a little skeptical of how a thick cream would perform in my hair, as I typically go for lighter products when wearing a wash and go, but it didn't leave any residue behind and dried pretty fast. My curls weren't crunchy either.

Trying out different stylers isn't high on my product review list because that is usually my last step in my routine, and if the styler is wack, I am in for a disaster. But Mielle got me together y'all!

Mielle Organics After Shot

I mixed the curl cream with the Genedor Beauty Swirl Curls Gel Styler and did the rake and shake method in my curls. Don't tell anyone though, but I have used the curl cream faithfully for every single wash and go I have done since I first tried this one, over 2 months ago!

My hair was noticeably less frizzy and felt very soft to the touch. It also had a light citrus scent that it left behind, and I received "whoa, your hair smells so good!" statements literally everywhere I went! Even in the grocery store, this lady stopped me in the fruit aisle!

Typically, I do enjoy frizz and I did have some towards the end of the day, but it wasn't a huge amount. When it came to the test for 3rd and 4th day hair, my curls weren't as defined, but they were still very moisturized and I only needed to follow up with a very light oil! Dassit.

10 out of 10 in my world

I would recommend this baby if you are on the hunt for a new styler. I'm not a Mielle Stan or anything - I just literally own 75% of her products ;) - but this really was one of my favorite products to put on my curls.

So what do ya think? Have you tried this curl cream?

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All photos by @itspheelosophy

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