Here are the top 3 trending crochet braids styles to try this fall, as well as 6 tips for maintenance and protection.

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I recently caught up with Twin Cities, Minnesota-based freelance hairstylist and makeup artist, Sheri T. (@beautybysheri).

A self-proclaimed crochet braids connoisseur, Sheri shared with me her top-requested crochet protective hairstyles, as well as must-know tips for making them last longer while keeping your real hair truly protected.

The 3 top crochet braids trends right now

  1. Crochet twists: I’ve pre-twisted and curled the twists prior to installation. I think they’re unique and chic on the ladies.
  2. Jumbo feed-in braids: A classic for many women, natural, relaxed or transitioning.
  3. Versatile crochet braids: They allow for putting the installation into a ponytail, giving a more natural appearing part.

Which hair type are crochet braids better for?

I personally find it easier to work with natural, more textured hair for the reason that it is textured. The hair has a bit more grip and I feel I can manipulate it more easily than relaxed hair.

How long should a good crochet install last?

A good crochet braid install can last from a month to about a month and a half but this is also with adequate maintenance.

How can a client maintain their style?

I suggest moisturizing their hair, especially their scalp. I advise wearing the hair into a ponytail at night and/or putting on a satin bonnet or scarf to sleep.

Explain your "knotless part crochet braid" technique.

The knotless part of a crochet install is a method of installing the hair that allows for the part made to appear as if it is coming from the client’s root and scalp. This method hides the knot created from crocheting and  gives a more natural appearing install. It is great especially when installing hair similar to the person’s natural hair texture or curl pattern.

How do you suggest a client keeps their real hair protected during an installation?

I always advise a client moisturizing their hair daily and if not, to do so every other day. A quick spritz to the hair and scalp [followed by] an application of the oil of their choice via a bottle with a pointy-nose nozzle.

What's your secret for the perfectly curled crochet twists?

The trick is to give the hair ample time to dry. With good time, the hair can retain a strong, long, staying curl pattern. It is also best to curl prior to install.

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