African-American woman sitting down smiling with a red headwrap

Photo courtesy: @simplybiancaalexa

Most curlies understand the importance of wrapping their hair at night. It gives your curls a little break from being manipulated so they are revitalized when you wake up. If you are tired of the same old method of wrapping strands, here are a few different ways to wrap your hair.

1. Dry Wrapping

One of the most popular and different ways to wrap your hair is dry wrapping with saran wrap. This is good for when you have a straight hair look or blow out and want to make it last longer. When you want to extend your style without adding extra weight with oils, this is a great choice.

2. Pantyhose Wrap

Using another household item you probably have on hand, this method is great for curly hair. What is good about this wrapping method is that it doesn’t squish your hair and you don’t have to twist it. This helps eliminate tangles or clumping when you take down the wrap. Pantyhose are also breathable so you won’t feel too hot during the night which is an added bonus!

3. Satin Wrapping

Of course, satin or silk is still the preferred go to for lots of women. This soft material doesn’t rob hair of moisture and can actually help to prevent frizz caused by friction. Here are a few different ways to wrap your hair with your silk or satin scarf.

4. Turban Wrap

Of course, not all wraps are intended for bedtime only. Stylish silk scarves and head wraps are a great way to get through your day in style without damaging your curls. One of the most stylish ways to wear a head wrap is the turban style. This allows you to protect your edges while still letting your stands hang loose to show off texture.

5. Pineapple Wrap

Another stylish daytime way to wrap your hair is the pineapple. While this can also be used as a nighttime option, it is totally acceptable to wear during the day. This is another look that protects your roots and edges while letting your ends take center stage. See how to do a pineapple wrap here.

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