Hey, Naturally Curly world! Devri here. I recently got temporary faux locs installed, and I loved them!

There are, however, five things I realized were important to have done beforehand in order to make it an even more seamless install next time. In the words of DJ Khaled here are my 5 "Major Keys" for a successful faux locs install.

1. Protect your hairline.

I had my stylist do the crochet braiding technique for a more natural appearance of my faux locs. This was my first time trying it, and frankly, it hurt my scalp way more than other techniques we've used. If your stylist is yanking too hard on your scalp to keep the extension hair in place, don't be afraid to let them know! If you notice your baby hair has little white bulbs, that means your hair is being pulled too tightly, which might result in unnecessary hair fall or in the long run, thinning.

2. Clean and hydrate your scalp.

Think of your natural hair as a blank canvas for some amazing art that's about to happen. This art is meant to be protective, encouraging hair growth while taking a break from manipulation. Make sure you properly cleanse and hydrate it beforehand; I usually pre-poo and clarify the night prior to my appointment.

3. Stay moisturized.

Again, you don't want anymore manipulation than what is needed to install your faux locs--the less, the better. Do yourself a favor and deep condition or do a hot oil treatment on your hair the day before. Drink plenty of water, too, to allow the proper bloodflow to your scalp, which not only promotes healthy hair growth, but eases the manipulation.

4. Avoid the headache.

This doesn't get talked about a lot in the community, but all that tension on your scalp can do a number on your head. I get painful headaches, and if I don't take two ibuprofen about an hour beforehand, count me out of a long three-hour (or sometimes longer) protective style installation.

5. Detangle beforehand.

Trust me, your hairstylist won't have mercy on your tender headedness. The crochet technique is a little different than others; it requires literal crocheting of the hair into your existing cornrows. It's better to do the detangling yourself, so it's a seamless installation that won't leave your scalp in pain.

Have you rocked faux locs yet?

Tell us your experience! 
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