My loved ones know how much I love to change my look. One day I could be rockin’ my curly fro and the next day I could be wearing a long, curly ponytail! You just never really know. Wearing extensions, I often receive the question “how do you preserve the quality of your hair?” Being aware of the high amount of maintenance weave requires,  I would love to share some of my tips with you!

There are two main types:

  1. human hair
  2. synthetic hair

The former is high quality and more closely matches the texture and shine of your hair, whereas the latter will offer you a price advantage because it is made from synthetic fibers. I often purchase synthetic hair, because it allows me to save some money while still giving me plenty of variety!

1. Do not wash synthetic hair

If you want to prevent the hair from becoming dirty you should purchase fiber care sprays, which will clean the hair.

2. Prevent the hair from tangling

Extensions are prone to tangling, especially ponytail extensions. When you have a synthetic ponytail you will notice that some strands will merge together, becoming very difficult to detangle. In order to prevent this from happening I finger comb the ponytail prior to application and when taking it off.

You could purchase a few mannequin heads to place your ponytail on top of in order to prevent the knots from occurring.

3. When the unfortunate happens: Trim the tangled strands

A few months after the purchase of your extensions you will notice some stand-alone strands, or areas where the hair has matted together. For me, the single strands are not necessarily a problem, since it makes my ponytail appear more natural. A trigger of annoyance for me are the tangled parts. First, I try to detangle these with a small, fine tooth comb. If this does not work, I then try to carefully cut through the knot, which leads to a moment of satisfaction and happiness. Thereafter, I trim the parts that do not curl beautifully anymore.

4. Avoid applying the cap on wet hair

When applying your wig cap, try not to apply it on top of wet hair. This can lead to mildew and cause horrible smells when applied directly on wet hair. I once had to throw away a ponytail because the odor was just too intense. Think of how your clothes smell after they haven’t been dried right away. In order to prevent this from happening, smooth your edges with a spray bottle rather than fully washing your hair.

Alright ladies! How is your weave looking? We want to know!

Share your hair tips with us in the comments!

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