Here, at Naturally Curly, we are no strangers to the Pineapple method, as it one of our faves to protect our curls, coils, and waves when we sleep. From one huge pineapple to several small ones, the pineapple method has always been a consistent go-to for bedtime curl protection, and sometimes we even rock our’s throughout the day! So what better to celebrate National Pineapple Day, than with a compilation of some of our curlfriends rocking their up-do’s!

What is the Pineapple Method?

The Pineappling method is one of several ways to achieve frizz-free and defined hair to extend your style longer. By plopping the hair on top of the head, and securing loosely with a scrunchie or tear-free hair-tie, and then tying a scarf around your edges, this method keeps hair secured at night, leading to an extended style the next day! For more information on pineapples, and how we style  ours, check out this to how- to for creating your pineapple! Alex, one of our Content Editor’s, strongly appreciates her pineapple noting that “It definitely preserves my curls, and I have sensitive skin so wrapping my hair up at night and putting it in a pineapple is also really good for keeping my skin free from extra oils.” 

1. @jadashairdiary

Photo Courtesy of @jadashairdiary

This is Jada’s 4th day hair! Look at those curls!

2. @gomesamara

Photo Courtesy of @gomesamara

3. Style Nooker @amandarrwalker

Photo Courtesy of @amandarrwalker

4. Style Nooker @AngelDemure 

Photo Courtesy of @angeldemure

5. Style Nooker @Ariana.Atwat 

Photo Courtesy of @Ariana.Atwat

 How do you rock your pineapple?

We want to see your pics!



Lauren Murray

Lauren is a content editor for Naturally Curly and freelance digital marketing creative, focusing on holistic self-love, body positivity, culture, and 3c hair. When she isn't obsessing over the latest tech trends, she can be found curating playlists on Spotify, meditating over a cup of coffee, or owning the social media profiles for Open Architecture Houston.

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